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Where are all the auditors?

confusionI get letters every week asking me for information about connecting up with Independent Scientologists and how to get auditing. This would seem to confirm that people are no longer fixating on the sorry state of Scientology, Inc. and instead are working on their own spiritual enhancement. That is the good news.

The bad news is that there are only a handful of auditors to serve a growing horde of people seeking spiritual enhancement without invalidation, coercion or abuse. I believe there are less than 20 groups in the US delivering services based on Scientology and Dianetic principles and  a slightly larger number of groups in the rest of the world. To the best of my knowledge, there is only one organization of any size delivering Scientology-based services and that is Ron’s Org with headquarters in Grenchen, Switzerland.

The secret of their success may lie in this description of the structure of Ron’s Org

An essential reason why the Church of Scientology failed was its structure. It was built up hierarchically, lost control over itself and wound up in a dictatorial, suppressive system which used people instead of serving them.

We in the Ron’s Org want to learn from these mistakes and have organized ourselves in a loose network. There are different groups in different cities and countries which offer auditing and training. These groups are in contact with each other, but they are fully autonomous. They help each other and exchange information about their work or their projects. There is no senior, leading authority in the Ron’s Org.

Once a year there is a big convention where free Scientologists from all over the world meet each other.

On the other hand, there are a number of independent practitioners who have taken the basic principles of Scientology as defined in the very early 1950’s and developed processes and methodologies far beyond anything the corrupt and dying church has to offer. These practitioners may or may not use Scientology terms to describe what they do but almost all put their clients and preclears ahead of organizational concerns so that their services are for the benefit of the people that come to them for help.

The missing element in the independent field is the lack of centers to train auditors and counselors. Since there are considerable differences in what is considered valid spiritual technology, it is not surprising that this training effort is still in its infancy. Some Indies feel that KSW was the high watermark for standard technology, while others, more enlightened, point to the huge number of contradictions that exist in the many variations of “standard tech” published by Hubbard himself.

Top down command and control organizations tend to stall when the founder dies and Scientology is no different. All knowledge comes from the top and innovation is discouraged. It has been more than 30 years since Ron Hubbard went off the lines and the technology and management attitudes have been frozen since the late 1980s. Every field of medical and spiritual healing has moved forward since then except for Scientology which has become more rigid and more repressive as the years have gone by.

In a highly connected marketplace, no business, religious, or spiritual movement can survive without keeping tabs on what their customers want and how they feel about the services they are receiving from the organization. Scientology has walled itself up behind barriers and forbids the flow of knowledge in or out except for that approved by increasingly isolated leadership. Therefore their messaging is rejected by more and more people as being irrelevant to current needs. This also applies to their technology which has not been updated to handle serious flaws that have been known for years.

Any practicing auditor has known for years that preclears and clients do not come in standard sizes with standard complaints. Therefore the idea of a standard one size fits all Bridge to total freedom has only been a convenient fiction to sell the rubes services on a sequence and schedule that fit the needs of the  organization and not the preclears. Look at any successful independent field practice and you will find that services are highly tailored to the individuals being served. Their organizations are not top heavy with overlapping administrative people and their prices are correspondingly lower. They are also more in tune with the needs of their public and are less hesitant to change so that the public is served as they wish to be served.

The technology being delivered in the field is undergoing a quiet but significant evolution and the end of the process is nowhere in sight. I used to deliver standard NOTs in the field until feedback from clients showed me that we were not meeting the needs of the entities we were handling. It was a major realization and spurred the development of Spiritual Rescue Technology. Other practitioners report continuing evolution of their services and I expect this trend to continue. This means that it will be unlikely that there will be a single counselor training center that will satisfy the needs of the next generations of auditors and counselors.

Technology will probably be part of the solution. Right now there are tens of thousands of spiritual practitioners who deliver counseling over the Internet and a few of them are delivering Scientology-based services. I have been doing this for about 4 years and have clients all over the world. There are several more like me who do the same, so you can get counseling wherever you live as long as you have high speed Internet.

Since the demand for ethical and effective spiritual counseling has grown much faster than the number of trained counselors, there will eventually be some breakthroughs in training as there has been in the delivery of services. We have top- rated Universities delivering degree programs over the Internet, so why won’t we have spiritual counselor training over the Internet? Once this is underway, I predict the number of active auditors and counselors will skyrocket and the thousands of people cut off from church services will find  convenient and lower cost alternatives in the independent field.

You need to achieve expanded abilities and get trained while doing that. Auditing alone leaves you clean and shining until something attacks you out of nowhere. If you are not trained, it can be a long wait before you can get help. Get trained and support your local Independent Scientology auditor or better yet learn about Spiritual Rescue Technology which starts where Scientology left off.

You never know when you will need help from an independent spiritual practitioner. There are more of them available every month.

Ron writes about achieving a state where livingness produces case gain. This state is definitely achievable when people have become OT enough and trained enough that they can spot the source of difficulties when life impinges on them and blow stuff by inspection. If you read that again you will realize that this is not a finite process. You just keep on handling whatever life throws at you.

Think of it as dusting yourself off when life spatters you. There is a lot of crap in the universe and it doesn’t go away when you become OT whatever. You should probably look at this as a long term periodic maintenance routine. Just get yourself up to the level where you can reliably spot and blow stuff by inspection and you will find out why living produces case gain.

Links to independent practitioners and practices which have had a good record of helping people:
David St Lawrence
~~Published by David St Lawrence aka Old Auditor


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Theodora  on August 17th, 2014

Spiritual Rescue Technology totally rocks! I’ve been using it since I discovered it in May of this year. I’ve learned how to audit myself and others using it. It has definitely improved some areas of my life that I had thought could never be changed. I’ve been in Scientology since the 70’s, left the church a few years ago and was in complete despair about “getting my Bridge”. Now I’m having the wins I originally envisioned back in the 70’s and I know that there is NOTHING stopping me from going as far as I want to go spiritually. You don’t need money to do it. You don’t need anyone’s permission or approval. Check it out!

OldAuditor  on August 17th, 2014

Thanks for that enthusiastic feedback!

Are there any people using the other practices I have listed?


blueplanetfree  on August 17th, 2014

Hello there
I would like you to include in your list of centers to life enhancement center in coeur d’alane, idaho.
I studied there my accademy levels, did my grad V intrtship and they provide excelent auditing.
By the way i have my center is Spain now and i audit in spanish. There are almost no spanish auditors in europe

Anita Warren  on August 17th, 2014

Why didn’t I make your list?

LifeIntegrityCenter.com for new people
LifeEnhance.org for ex church members

We train auditors, too.

David St Lawrence

OldAuditor  on August 17th, 2014

Some links were left off the list. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Hemi  on August 17th, 2014

Hi David,
You have left out “Dror center”, Israel. They are an Org, great auditors, training up to class 9, free, full of joy, wisdom, and common sense. And most of all only the PC matters. Great wins, joy to go there. All this from my personal experience over nearly 2 years.
Over to you…

David ST Lawrence

janedoe2  on August 17th, 2014

Also in LA there is training being done by Randy Smith and Tim Swanson and Silvia Llorens. Randy has gotten several people onto the OT Levels as has Silvia. And there have been some OT VII and VIII completions in the LA area in the Indie field too. And there are several field auditors in the LA area delivering standard tech auditing.

OldAuditor  on August 17th, 2014

If anyone wants to recommend a group or individual, links would be very helpful. There seem to be a number of field auditors without webpages. As a result, they are difficult to locate. I have listed the people I know and can personally recommend. If you wish to recommend a field auditor, that is entirely appropriate, but it should be based on personal knowledge.

Randy Smith  on August 20th, 2014

Hi David,

I am training people, largely over Skype, and making good auditors. We arrange to meet in person for meter training and TRs.

I agree with your call for more training getting done, to enable this valuable subject to continue.

I can train from Comm Course through Solo NOTS.

I also audit and CS all levels of the Bridge, except the L’s, which I send to Trey. See my reviews at http://www.scientologyreviews.com/independent-auditors/randy-smith

Please add my sites to your list:



Best, Randy

OldAuditor  on August 20th, 2014


I would appreciate any articles you would care to write about training over the Internet.
There are now quite a few about auditing over the Internet, but until now, no one has taken on the challenge of training over the Internet.
Send me information and I will post it as an article.

Randy Smith  on September 4th, 2014

Dear David,

Thanks for the invite to post an article on training over Skype. I will prepare one soon and send it along. As an old Snr CS, I will explain how I follow the What is a Course PL – even over Skype!

Best, Randy Smith


OldAuditor  on September 4th, 2014

Please write your article soon! I have several other places where this article should be posted to increase awareness of what you are doing.

I have training needs for an organization I am building and I am sure there are others who could apply what you know if it were widely available.

Best, David

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