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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

The biggest barrier to moving on after Scientology

overbordI have spent the last 7 years helping people get on with their lives after they leave Scientology. All of my clients have experienced desirable changes, but a few have not been able to achieve a major transformation from a grim survival state to an expansive attitude toward life and an increased ability to generate income.

The one common factor in clients who could not easily transform their session wins into life changing actions was that they had been Sea Org members. Their life in the Sea Org has proved to be the biggest barrier to personal recovery after leaving Scientology.

I considered this variation in long term results challenging because almost all clients experienced similar wins in session. My approach has always been to address what the clients wanted to handle, so all clients were dealing with what they considered most important. If this is so, why then do some clients experience daily wins but continue to grind away in life situations which are visibly non-optimum?

I found this divergence to be a continuing and observable factor even as my practice evolved from Scientology-based processing to Spiritual Rescue Technology which starts where the OT levels leave off.

In other words, the divergence in long term results continued even when processing evolved from treating the client as a spirit in a body to treating the client as a spirit in a body surrounded by a host of other spirits who worked in cooperation or opposition to the spirit running the body.

What was more puzzling was the fact that this divergence appeared in people who had left the church as long as 20 years ago. The one common factor in those who could not seem to change their basis of operation even after extensive auditing was that they had spent years in the Sea Org.

The Sea Org indoctrinates its members to suppress their first and second dynamics. Any first dynamic activity is considered as “having other fish to fry” and is scorned and made less of. Second dynamic activities like family time, sex, and child rearing will incur condemnation and even security checking because they take attention off the avowed mission of “Clearing the Planet”.

The continual invalidation of these two vital dynamics creates a being who is almost completely other-determined, no matter how proudly he or she asserts they are “on purpose”.

As a result, when the person finally breaks free of the Sea Org as the abuse and degradation raises their necessity level, they are often at a loss as to how to rebuild their lives. Through grim determination, most find a way to support themselves in the real world outside the church, but they rarely realize how indoctrinated they became as Sea Org members.

They often work for Scientology firms and have Scientology friends and they rarely, if ever, realize they were in a cult and were brainwashed. They can form relationships and get married and still not realize they are operating with crippled first and second dynamics.

Even after they break free of the church entirely and are declared as SPs, they do not realize the extent of the damage they have done to their first and second dynamics.

They still feel guilty about taking time for leisure activities and self improvement and they may even feel guilty about letting Ron down and not clearing the planet. They find it easy to take jobs where they are given orders and subjected to  restrictions on what they must do or say.

They really find it hard to insist on having the freedom to do what they want. I see them doing things they do not want to do out of a misplaced sense of duty and grumbling about their situation, but not changing it. They are still bound by restraints on their actions that they do not see and cannot change. This causes them to target others as opponents and can even make them engage in non optimum activities in an effort to get themselves out of the financial rut they find themselves in.

The only solution I have seen is to address the damaged dynamics directly and handle all of the times that the person and his entities compromised their integrity to be part of a group. The Sea Org and the Hitler Youth and countless other cult-like organizations achieved their cohesiveness by restimulating the many times on the track when being part of a group was the only way to survive. These engramic incidents act upon a being and make it easy to succumb to a present-day group that pushes the right “duty” and “purpose” buttons.

Addressing the engrams associated with becoming part of and leaving a group provides a partial relief to the person who has been exposed to the Sea Org, but a complete handling requires addressing ones spiritual entities with similar engrams.

If you were in the Sea Org, you will recover your first and second dynamics only when you and all beings in your space are rescued from the incidents that your Sea Org career restimulated.

If you can find an independent auditor delivering NOTs, you can probably get help with this. If you wish to learn about Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT), you may be able to do something about this state of affairs on your own. If you wish to have help recovering your first and second dynamics, you can also contact me.

David St Lawrence

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Theodora  on August 31st, 2014

You speak sooth!

It was very hard for me to break loose from the “think” that you were somehow “out-ethics” if you spent ANY time on your first or second dynamic.

YEARS after leaving the Sea Org, I carried the guilt that I had somehow betrayed my group and mankind by taking my pair of hands off the rope that others were valiantly pulling on to save the world.

And I just kept on being “a slave” and “a dedicated follower”. After I left the SO, I did just what David said – I worked for Scn businesses and gave up my 1st and 2nd dynamics to work flat out for the good of the 3rd, even to the point of almost losing my life a couple of times – once to pneumonia caused by toxic chemicals and once to heat stroke caused by a work environment that OSHA would have condemned.

And I stupidly just kept going back. The Scn owners expected it just like Sea Org execs had expected it.

Years after finally breaking away physically from the SO, I still carried this “deny my 1st and 2nd dynamics – the 3rd is ALL” mentality and wasn’t even really aware of it.

Recently, David gave me an SRT session that addressed it and I was friggin’ amazed at what we found! And I was able to take a REAL day off yesterday and enjoy it – without feeling any guilt!

AXIOM  on September 6th, 2014


I am so happy to hear that you are recovering yourself from the torment that you went through as an SO member. That is a big wish that I have for everyone who was ever involved with the c of s, especially SO members.

I wish you the best in your continued recovery of self, which is what Scientology was supposed to be all about, but now that you are out, you get to achieve it.

David St. Lawrence is a true power terminal as regards to getting you back on the road to life.

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