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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Scientology Indoctrination is Hypnotism

LRH Close upScientology indoctrination is hypnotism of the worst kind

The disintegration of the cult of Scientology will not free those who have been hypnotized by the skillful indoctrination that Ron Hubbard used to put people under his control and make them resist any recovery from that state.

I have been aware for some time that there were unknown forces preventing some people from observing and absorbing any new data. A recent article by Marty Rathbun shows that others are recognizing what we have been writing about for some time.

Deconstructing Scientology
Posted on September 13, 2014 by martyrathbun09

This is an excerpt from an upcoming book with the working title ‘Deconstructing Scientology.’  It is directed toward those who are considering the possibility of dipping a toe into dianetics or scientology study or participation.  My failures over the past three years in attempting to help former members graduate from the subject informed a whole new line of research into some of the darker arts that L. Ron Hubbard mastered to make people so apparently incapable/unwilling to learn.  


The most diabolically effective form of hypnotism would probably thoroughly convince the subject that it was impossible to hypnotize him.  It seems that only in that case could the idea be implanted that no awakening and de-hypnotism would ever be desirable or even possible. It would inculcate the opposite of the old adage applicable to any reform, or even education, activity that the first step to recovery or learning is the recognition that there is something to recover from or to learn.  If you were thoroughly convinced that you were more awake than virtually all of humanity, there is no chance that anyone could convince you to possibly take a look at waking up.

Some of the worst examples of this can be found in those who have attested to OT8 completion. Their indoctrination is so complete that they are unable to spot that they are surrounded by entities who cause them to lie and to fail at life in other more subtle ways.

A whining OT is an oxymoron and yet you can observe many OTs and OT8s complaining about their spouses, jobs and their superiors just like the lowly “wogs” who have never sampled Scientology.

Those of you who have never attained the rarified OT levels do not know how fortunate you are. You have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and you still have most of your sanity left.

If you would like to see an alternate path to increased awareness and personal freedom, you may wish to read my latest book which is now available on Amazon in Kindle format:

David St Lawrence

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Gulu  on September 17th, 2014

So true!
I recall my experiences doing the Objective processes. After a few hours on one of the processes I stated to my auditor the following: ” Are you trying to hypnotize me?”
My poor auditor could not understand that it was an origination and not a comment!

Rine  on September 18th, 2014

David congrats in the book, Its wonderful that you wrote it. Good things will come from this!!!

Pericles  on September 19th, 2014

By NOT(no pun intended) doing the OT levels, I survived and only lost $120,000 in 2000 that went to review, review, review. Over the course of 22 years and going thru 6 checksheets of Solo I, I got no bridge advance. Being a ‘fast flow’ student I flew through Miscarriage’s Study Certainty Course when it first came out.

I saw the writing on the wall when in 2000 the C/S tried to get me to re-do my objectives and Grades. I walked out of session totally ‘in control’ and immediately ‘red tagged’. In that review I satisfied the auditor telling him that I received my Expanded Quad Grades at the Berkeley Mission by Class VIII Auditor Chad Holland to great wins and wasn’t about to pay for them again. Especially after building a 117 foot xmas tree in front of the Sandcastle in 1985 in 55 mph winds – that takes control and being at cause.

When I observed Flag re-cycling clears, I knew that the Bridge was over for me.
I am alive because I didn’t do Miscarriage’s OT Levels. I may have had a chance with LRH’s. We’ll never know.

I have been reading David’s book and his web page – Spiritual Rescue Technology, and contacted and handled some of my friendlies and it’s all good.

Bypassing OT III is a big win! It’s something I know wasn’t on my track.

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