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Thanks To All Who Helped Me Publish This Book

Book 2 SRT second edition

SPIRITUAL RESCUE TECHNOLOGY (SRT) was developed with the cooperation and assistance of many dedicated people. I could not have accomplished all of the research without the support of so many helpful friends and volunteers.

I have been refining SRT for at least 5 years, but a few months ago I was strongly urged by Ben Roets to write books on the subject so that it would not be lost if something happened to me. As a direct result of his insistence, I finished two books on the subject of SRT and both are now available in Kindle format and paperback format. Unfortunately, Ben is no longer with us to celebrate in person as he passed away a few days ago.

The subject has now been captured for posterity and you are encouraged to expand upon it as you see fit. I can say that with some confidence as I keep getting reports from users who are finding new ways to use and disseminate SRT. They are also exploring ways to simplify processing so that SRT can be made real to more people.

This second book of the Spiritual Rescue Technology series is designed for the person who wishes to bring about spectacular changes in their abilities to control their destinies.

We are surrounded by innumerable spiritual beings (entities) and our lives and fortunes depend on our ability to communicate with them, and on our ability to recruit and motivate entities who wish to be our spiritual teammates.

This book tells you how to use Spiritual Rescue Technology to accomplish things that the Church of Miscavige claims can only be accomplished by completing OT 7 and OT 8.

Our research has shown us that it is almost impossible to increase our own ability while excluding other beings in the process. Our success in life and our physical well-being is directly proportional to the percentage of these entities who are supporting us at any moment.

This book will enable you to train yourself to communicate effectively with entities on your own or with a partner and make significant changes in your life and fortunes.

This book includes many specific session reports from those who have successfully run SRT sessions on themselves and on others so you can see how they have been using SRT to help entities.

This second SRT book is available on Amazon.com as you can see here:

David St Lawrence

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