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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

The inexorable evolution of spiritual technology

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-spiritual-beam-effect-soft-turbulenced-cross-lines-version-image48614346A spiritual technology is quite different from belief or ritual. It is not a rote invocation of higher powers or a prayer for divine forgiveness. It is the application of knowledge in a precise manner to bring about some desired result.

Here is another definition:

“Spiritual technology provides the means for accessing the realm of spirit through the utilization of specific tools, machines and/or methodologies that affect our energetic state.”              – Robert Christenson,

There are many people who talk about spirits and write books about spirit realms, but I feel there is no real progress possible until you start talking to spirits and hearing what they have to say and then using the knowledge you gain to accomplish things you could not otherwise do..

Spiritualists have been working with their spirit guides since 1848, but they did not seem to teach others how to communicate with spirits. They acted as mediums, passing messages from departed spirits at seances and private readings. In a sense, these mediums had a technology of sorts but they did not pass it on to the general public.

Hubbard and his compatriots who developed Scientology processing knew about spiritual entities, but the processes that were developed were more like exorcisim than counseling sessions for spiritual entities. The object of the confidential OT levels is to eliminate entities (called body thetans) and completion of each level is signaled when the person can no longer perceive any entities surrounding him.

People doing these confidential actions were instructed not to talk with their body thetans any more than necessary. As a result, most of these spiritual entities were separated from the person but their upsets and insanities were never addressed.

This results in a horde of displaced and upset beings collecting around the places where this OT processing was being done. Like inmates kicked out of sanatariums when their insurance runs out, these troubled beings collect in the vicinity of Advanced Scientology Organizations and create a miasma of despair and unhappiness.

Miasma:  An oppressive or unpleasant atmosphere that surrounds or emanates from something. Example:    “a miasma of despair rose from the black workshops”

As proof of this, I invite any one of you with spiritual sensitivity to look down at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, FLA and see what surrounds the buildings there. The mishandling of spiritual beings has created spiritual pollution which is affecting all those who approach the building and those forced to work there.

In our version of spiritual technology, which is called Spiritual Rescue Technology, we communicate with entities of all persuasions. We communicate with guardian angels and spirit guides, and we handle the beings who have been broken by life and circumstances and raise them to their former states of grace through caring communication.

Such is the power of caring communication that we can wake beings from an apathetic slumber and restore them to the point where they are happy to go and create a new life for themselves. We have been doing this for several years now and are teaching new people to do this almost every week.

We have shared our knowledge freely and encourage new people to make the technology their own and to share any discoveries they make while counseling others.

But, you need to realize that we have barely scratched the surface yet. We are just beginning to understand the potential of recruiting and using entities as spiritual teammates.

A few of us use our spiritual teammates to write articles, as I am doing here, and others use their entities to seek out business and life partners who have goals aligned with theirs. Some of us send spiritual teammates out to find people who need exactly what we provide and get them to connect up with us.

More and more of us are doing these personal projects, but there is an entire world of opportunities for trained SRT practitioners and their spiritual teammates to act on  more global scale. All that is needed is to find areas where strife has existed for millennia and to handle the clusters of entities who are still stuck in the atrocities and mistakes of the past.

It is almost impossible to create peace in an area which is haunted by eons of atrocities and revenge killings. SRT applied by practitioners working in concert will be able to change the future of that kind of area.

All that is necessary is to keep communicating with entities and listening to their suggestions when you have handled their past upsets. These entities are an incredible resource once you realize that they are living beings who have witnessed the rise and fall of many different civilizations. They have encountered every possible situation you will ever run up against in this lifetime. If you are willing to listen to what they have to share with you, life can be very much easier.

Now that the power of communicating with entities is becoming more well known, I feel it will be impossible to stop the continuing evolution of spiritual technology or the expansion of Spiritual Rescue Technology.

— David St Lawrence

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