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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Caring for your L Ron Hubbard Library

LRH LibraryAfter you have left the cult of Scientology, it can take years before you realize how little of Ron Hubbard’s work was his or even original. Even then, you keep those tapes, cassettes and DVDs in their shiny wrappers and your boxes full of Red, Blue and Green volumes because you might find a use for them.

Wait another few years and you see entire sets of these materials being sold for under $100 with almost no takers.

You wait another few years and you find you cannot even give the materials away! Now what are you going to do with this dumpster load of “once valuable” materials?

If you are like Alonzo, a seasoned observer of the Scientology scene, you find a fitting receptacle for this material and you write a blog post that will encourage others to face up to their unfortunate tendency to hoard useless bits of our former lives.

I saw this image on  Alonzo’s Blog, Recovery From Scientology, where Alonzo presents objective information about the history of Scientology and the tricks Hubbard played on people to indoctrinate them. His blog gives you the information to evaluate those tricks and to examine your own vulnerabilities that he exploited.

When I started this blog many years ago, the focus was on exposing the insanities of the cult of Scientology and helping people to recover from their cult indoctrination.  I have moved on from trying to wake up cult members to working with people who wish to communicate with spirits.

I am doing what many others have decided to do and that is to pursue the spiritual enlightenment that Scientology never delivered.

I developed Spiritual Rescue Technology to allow people off the street to accomplish what OT7s and OT8s cannot do and that is to communicate and work with spiritual beings as equals. Our students quickly realize that Scientology body thetans are just Hubbard’s version of spirit guides which have been well known for hundreds of years.

You do not have to work with spiritual beings at all. They will continue to affect you and control you and you will go on wondering why you have fears and urges you cannot control. On the other hand, if you are still looking for what was promised in Scientology and never delivered, you just might want to check out spiritual-rescue-technology.com

You do not have to move on in a search for meaning in life, but you should at least get rid of the false data that you have been hoarding for so long.

Sending your LRH library to the dump is a good start.

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Alanzo  on October 1st, 2015


Laughing, David!

Laughing hard!!!

Alanzo :)

OldAuditor  on October 2nd, 2015

You inspired me with your post.

I feel I can now leave the target rich environment of mocking Scientology to younger people who delight in skewering the faithful who can’t get enough of the Hubbard Kool-Aid.

I feel that beating the dead horse of Hubbardology has lost its savor and I need to pave the way for people who are interesting in moving on to the next level of spiritual research.

As you know, there is a game at every tone level. When we first escape the cult, we exchange angry words with those who support the cult and its purpose. This level can persist for years.

After a while, we find that making fun of the absurdities of Scientology life is more satisfying and we spend another decade taking pot shots at the unbelievable spectacle we escaped.

We even find amusement in those who cherish the memory of the founder and run Scientology-Lite forums with a picture of the Commodore on the masthead.

The next stage is simple boredom and it lasts until we find a way to use what we have learned from our cult experience to create a new career helping others without harming them.

Not all will reach this level because some of the earlier levels are too damned entertaining, but it is useful to now that there are unexplored vistas where one can discover the abilities which we sought in Scientology.

Alanzo  on October 2nd, 2015

I know exactly what you mean.

For me, I just didn’t want them to be able to deceive people any more like they were able to deceive me. So the Internet was the perfect tool to use to make sure that would happen. I felt a responsibility to my society to help get this done.

But that’s pretty much done now. Anyone who gets in to Scientology now is willfully ignorant and is covering all their orifices (orify?) with every appendage.

So now comes the legal phase, where fraud trials and civil suits start to bring in further forensic examinations, pulling strings until ALL the Sherman Tanks are lined up for everyone to see.

It’s a miles-long line up of endlessly entertaining shitshows, attracting millions of TV and Internet viewers. I mean my God – Tony Ortega was on Entertainment Tonight last night!

The exposure of Scientology has now gone fully mainstream. Pulitzer prize winning authors and Oscar winning directors have now taken over, and the revenue stream will be bigger and better than ever.

I actually took that trash can picture many years ago, but only published it last week. Because, for me, it represents the end of one phase of my spiritual path. It seems that I had to get myself involved in Scientology to learn just how bad it can get when you adopt an ideology to do your thinking for you. I guess I really really needed to learn that lesson in preparation for my next series of lessons as I continue to travel.

I kind of have an idea of where I’m going. At least I have a general direction I’m headed in. But the character of Alanzo will need to fade away slowly and dissipate into the ether, because that character was created just for this section of the path.

So if you see me with a new name and a new avatar, don’t tell any one. It’ll still be me, but I’ll be very busy being someone new.

Hopefully it’ll be just as fun as this last game was.

See you around, David.

Thank you for all you have done, both in and out of Scientology.


justme  on January 12th, 2016

Good for you for getting out of the Ron Hubbard crap and encouraging others to do the same.

However, do you realize that the enlightenment you seek, truly is found only in Jesus Christ? There is nothing for us to “do”, for He has already done it. He already united Heaven to Earth, took on our sins from our selves, took our death from us, to give us Life. There is no other, anything else is a poor attempt to copy the only Truth,, Way and Life.

OldAuditor  on January 12th, 2016

Dear justme, I am happy you have found a belief system that provides you with the certainty you need.

The Christ story is a reworking of several different pagan belief systems and all of the documentation including the bible was written hundreds of years after the event.

I prefer a technology that gives me real answers and is based on phenomena that was known long before the bible was written.

elizabeth hamre  on January 17th, 2016

justme, if that would be the fact: whatever you believe in than the population of this planet would not be sitting in shit. David is right about what your religion is… my advise, do a bit of research and what you will discover will bring you enlightenment.

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