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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Infinite Possibilities Exist Immediately Beyond Scientology

picture-of-me-5I spent twenty years delivering Scientology sessions to the best of my ability and almost all of them changed the lives of my preclears for the better. In the last 10 years of that period, the church began going insane and the technology became perverted to the point where I could no longer deliver sessions with a good conscience.

I was spending too time arguing with case supervisors to insure the sanity of my preclears and I returned to the world of high tech industry where the insanity was more predictable. I never gave up the idea of setting up a private practice where I could deliver therapeutic spiritual counseling that paralleled the preclear’s mind and produced the results that preclears wanted, not what some organization wanted.

After a great deal of thought, I began delivering spiritual counseling to ex-Scientologist that addressed the issues that Scientology never handled or had made worse. I spent enough time repairing Scientology OTs that I realized that that area of the tech was lacking in some very important aspects.

Scientology treats body thetans as things, as lower forms of beings, and focuses on removing them from a person.

Using Ron Hubbard’s 1952 words of wisdom as a guide, I treated body thetans as preclears in their own right, using ARC and following the Auditor’s Code carefully. This immediately produced results that were superior to standard OT3 and NOTS. After a while, I learned that many of these spiritual beings were trying to help us and their efforts to help were creating unwanted effects because these beings had engrams which we needed to address.

This resulted in me developing Spiritual Rescue Technology and with the help of many friends and volunteers, we came up with processes that let us safely deliver OT3 and NOTS results to new clients right off the street.

Our clients contact and work with spiritual beings from the very first session with none of the nasty side effects that result from the arduous and costly actions of Scientology advanced processes.

It is no wonder that so many long-time Scientologists like those who populate the Ex Scientologist Message Board have harsh words for the Scientology OT Levels and for Scientology processes in general.

They joined Scientology with the hope of attaining some abilities and found only empty promises and empty pockets. The few of us who actually received enough benefit from Scientology processes to continue and to deliver it to others are probably in the minority on the Ex Scientologist Message Board.

Certainly my efforts to communicate that there was a better kind of spiritual counseling fell on mostly deaf ears and I apologize to those who I unintentionally upset.

Meanwhile, my friends and I are continuing to communicate with spiritual beings every day and are finding that our spiritual connections are enabling us to do things that Scientology and Scientologists are forbidden to consider.

As I said earlier, a brand new person learns to communicate with spirits in his very first session (It’s not that hard really.) and he learns to handle everything that OT3 and NOTS addresses. Once he learns to help the spiritual beings around him, he can then learn to organize those who would be his spiritual partners and use them to expand his life, his business, and his joy in life.

At some point in time, the person achieves a level of responsibility where he is able to contact deceased family members and achieve reconciliation with those whom he was unable to achieve harmony with when they were alive. There is an example of this on workabletechnology.com

There are infinite possibilities for those who wish to strengthen their spiritual connections.

David St Lawrence

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Caesar  on September 27th, 2016

This is amazing. Thank you for doing this. You are a wonderful human being.

elizabeth hamre  on September 28th, 2016

‘’’’Scientology treats body Thetants as things, as lower forms of beings, and focuses on removing them from a person.’’’’
This above sentence its meaning given me a realization why scientology and many scientologist have treated Thetants –Entities –Infinites as lower form of things , ‘’low life forms’’ which had to be removed from that ‘’valuable –precious body’’=the self because they were something disgusting-repulsive!
Simply because scientology and scientologists totally convinced, have the belief that they are the body — being a body, and because they are that body than that object-structure is valuable!
Bodies are not valuable and what value is that too is just a consideration.
By the way no one can remove Entities from anywhere because Entities –Infinite are intangible and only matter-sustenance can be move-shaped.
Even that concept is wrong: removing Entities! Cant be done.
We who made our life’s work to give sessions to these wonderful beings who are in the same situation as we all are, these Entities are just stuck in incidents and they are not less than those who believe and claim being a body.
Personally I know that they are better off without the body.
I am really looking for the moment when all considerations are as-ised in sessions which in my beliefs holding me-connecting me are severed and I be free of the burden-prison called body, and I can finally return to the Universe where I belong and not having shape- form.
Elizabeth Hamre.

elizabeth hamre  on September 28th, 2016

I would like to emphasize: Just because someone believes that they are that meat body that do not take away from the fact that they are still on Infinite and operate in the Infinite universe. Viewpoints don’t change facts.

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