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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Incorrect names can cause havoc – Body Thetans are not what you have been told

fireworksIf you are a staunch Ex Scientologist Message Board member, read no further at the risk of severe cognitive dissonance. You have been warned.

You may have been indoctrinated into the idea that “body thetans” are degraded beings that permeate your body and make life miserable for you. This can easily be proven to be false. They are the same kind of spiritual being as you are, except they are no longer able to run a body.

Spiritual beings exist in many different states of awareness. Some of us are up to running bodies and others have sworn off the practice and are content to tag along as a passenger while someone else runs the body.

The beings who choose to be spiritual passengers can be located anywhere around the body or inside it as they choose. Some are free to come and go while others consider themselves to be part of the body. Some of these beings communicate freely with you and consider themselves to be your spirit guides. Other beings seem to be hiding out and are surprised to be discovered in sessions.

You will experience their feelings and will think these feelings and thoughts are your own. This is the source of much of man’s troubles.

If you actually think that you are different than the rest of the spiritual beings surrounding you, you will have a difficult time handling those thoughts that run amok and cause you to do stupid things.

The spiritual beings accompanying you through life come from many different sources.  Some joined with you at birth, others in past lives and you probably picked up others at the last hospital you visited. You also may have dead relatives tagging along to watch over you or to haunt you depending on your relationship with them.

Of course, if you believe Hubbard’s myth about body thetans, you will never be able to talk to your departed loved ones because how can Grandma be a body thetan? Eeeuw!

Just pull on your adult britches and face the fact that all of us spiritual beings are in the same boat. We are all immortal and we generally run a body until it dies and then get a new one. Occasionally we decide not to pick up a body and spend time as a spirit observing other people running their bodies. Some of us get really banged up because of mistakes we made and we assume a catatonic state where we are only aroused when someone does something to wake us up. These were the beings Hubbard called body thetans and he seemed to assume that these were all he needed to identify.

Fortunately, there are many spiritual beings who are much more lively and many of them are trying to help us on an everyday basis. You can learn about them and how to work with them by reading my books or visiting my various websites.

If you read my first book, “Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology” and are sufficiently curious to see who is accompanying you through life, I will be happy to give you a free introductory SRT session so you can see for yourself what all the excitement is about.

After that, you can decide to contact any spiritual being you wish, including any departed relatives you still have attention on. The possibilities are infinite, as you will soon discover.

David St Lawrence

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elizabeth hamre  on October 2nd, 2016

HI David!!!
I totally agree what you write about “””US”””as Entities-Infinites, it so very true and it is a fact because over the years I have come to the same understanding as you have.
This post of yours is so powerful if I would have read this article while on the OT Levels I am sure I would been blown out , no, not just blown out by having major-major Cognitions but I know the cognitions would have as-ised all the connections to the body, the very solid beliefs that am having –being anchored to the body therefore I would have regained my present reality of Not having location.
I would like to add since I too been giving sessions to Entities since 76, I realized that when I address –confront on incident-item I rarely need to address separate Entity because my belief therefore their belief had merged [ always was, only I thought we were separate Beings] We have realized some years back that no longer mattered who’s thoughts incidents was run, because we no longer had identities, we no longer were in Valances, and we no longer were Beings therefore we all were in session and we all confronted and we all had that Realizations.
David I would like your permission to post your article in my Blog.. there are many readers and hopping that this article will re-ignite that spark once more.
Of course with you e-mail address included.
Best to you as always.
Elizabeth Hamre

Martin Foster  on October 4th, 2016

Wonderful, and I hope to progress at this late stage of my life!

OldAuditor  on October 4th, 2016

Martin, I am several years older than you and I can guarantee that your progress will only be limited by your willingness to perceive what is there around you.

Unfortunately, Hubbard convinced many thousands of Scientologists that it is dangerous to contact spiritual entities without a long and expensive preparation called the OT levels.

If you do not safely contact entities in your first free intro session with me, I will give you your money back! 🙂

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