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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Talking to deceased relatives is a lot easier than you would imagine


A few months ago, using Spiritual Rescue Technology,  I helped a client contact his deceased father who is now living happily in China and it seemed no different than contacting any of the entities that we normally contact in session.

More recently, I had the realization that my Scientology indoctrination was hindering me in pursuing more contacts with dead relatives and this didn’t seem right until I realized that I and my entities were still hung up on a perceived difference between “body thetans” and “regular spiritual beings”.

We have recently sorted this all out and we are all good with the idea that dead relatives, pets, dead movie stars, and historical figures are all accessible if we have a spiritual connection to them.

Since then, I have had a rash of clients who started contacting deceased relatives and received a great deal of relief through being able to complete interrupted communications which have been incomplete for years.

Two clients contacted their deceased wives and feel much more peaceful now that some long standing upsets have been addressed. Another client was suffering from what he felt might be Parkinson’s Disease and when we investigated the situation, we found that he had several deceased members of his extended family who were causing the condition and it wasn’t Parkinsons.

In the course of these sessions and in many other sessions we have confirmed for ourselves that spiritual beings can decide to appear as their grandchildren and in some cases appear in several generations over time. They do not always appear as their original sex.

If you still have attention on someone who is deceased, it is a straight forward matter to contact them in an SRT session and handle any unresolved issues. Just contact me and set up some time for paid SRT sessions. It does not take very many sessions, but you will find that there will be unexpected connections to other entities and these will all need to be handled in order to complete the resolution of your open issues.

David St Lawrence

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