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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Historical Background of Understanding and Validating Entity Behavior

fotosearch_k20367090Almost all spiritual practices involve some sort of communication with spiritual beings although some of this communication is one way through prayers and chanting.

There is a great deal of communication with spirits where guidance is sought from friendly spirits, often called spirit guides or angels. In these practices, a trained medium contacts the spirit and passes the messages on to their clients. In some cases, gifted people can communicate directly with their spirits and they often rely on the guidance their spirit guides provide.

There are also many practices which concentrate on the removal of “harmful” spirits from the people who are afflicted by them. These practices are found among native peoples, The Catholic Church, and the Church of Scientology.

Spiritual Rescue Technology teaches you how to communicate with spiritual beings and restore their free will by handling any painful incidents they are still stuck in. We use “caring communication” to understand them and find out what they want to do when their free will is restored.

Some of the beings we rescue wish to create new lives for themselves and we direct them to locations where their chances of getting a good start are maximized.

Other beings wish to stay and help their host in his current career and we want to understand these beings and make them into effective teammates. We have been doing this for years now, but we are continually learning new ways to make them happy and productive.

We have encouraged entities to get in communication with each other and to discover their mutual goals. This has markedly increased their enthusiasm and raises the emotional tone of their host. We have done this on many occasions, but we did not develop it into a formal procedure.

In this last week, we have made some breakthroughs in understanding and validating entity behavior and the results have been extremely satisfying for us and our entities. We identify high-performing entities who make significant contributions to the life of their host and we empower them through a series of steps we call the Validation Process. The details of the process are described in a separate document but the selected being ends up with a new perspective on his role as part of the host personality and he is on a first name basis with the host from here on out.

The being is also on a first name basis with the SRT counselor who delivers the Validation Process.

The being and the host have a new certainty on their relationship and at this point this relationship appears to be quite stable as it becomes more of a partnership than ever before.

David St Lawrence

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