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fotosearch_k11957326The presidential election has resulted in major upset in some of the population and continuing violence and looting in some cities.

I have been having strained conversations with some longtime friends and acquaintances and I finally had an incredible realization as a result of our conversations.

I have observed for some time that mainstream media acts as a third party to foment trouble between opposing groups in order to appear relevant and to attract readers, and in this election they have a splendid opportunity.

Even though these media people may not understand the underlying source of the public’s anger, they know how to push buttons and get some people mobilized to act in certain ways.

They do not know why their actions work on some people and not on others, but the research we have done in Spiritual Rescue Technology gives us some insight into what is actually going on and why some people are galvanized by certain accusations and others have a completely different viewpoint.

I failed to use caring communication in my initial exchanges with people upset by the election and I failed to do the most elementary step in attempting to understand someone with a different viewpoint, which is to be willing to BE that other person.

As soon as I was willing to be one of these upset people and adopt their viewpoint without any reservations, I saw what was going on and why they felt upset about something which we on the other side saw quite differently.

It is NOT a matter of right or wrong. It is the existence of charged areas of life which are being exploited and these areas are so charged that it takes very little to set them off.

There is a common thread of betrayal that links the people who are burning Oakland and looting stores and those who see a man who is totally unfit for office because he appears to be a sexual predator and still gets elected.

The people on the other side see a traitorous criminal with a trail of dead bodies with supporters who are totally blind to the actual crimes that have been committed.

The election results seem to be totally unfair to those who are upset by this election. It is not real to them that any sensible person could hold totally different views.

It is not a matter of intelligence, as there are people on both sides who are intelligent and both view the other side as being deluded and possibly mentally deficient. Both view the actions of the other side as insanity, and they are right!

Insanity is when someone you care about does things that don’t make sense and can’t be argued with.

Pushing the right emotional buttons will do that and more. Using the right triggers can prompt a person to commit violent crimes or induce lasting hatreds that cannot be reduced by conversation alone.

Since we deal with these daily in SRT processing, it occurred to me that we needed to take a look at the real source of the upset from the results of this latest presidential election and who is actually pushing the emotional buttons and why.

My first clue was that people exposed to the same information reacted quite differently and saw the reactions of the other side as clueless or insane. There was almost no middle ground. Each side saw their chosen one as relatively blameless and saw the other side as the most toxic personality possible.

In many cases, the people on opposite sides had worked together in harmony for many years or been acquaintances with common goals for many years.

So, what could have caused the extreme division between them and the universal feeling that the other side were unbelievable idiots incapable of rational thought?

I think I know what is going on and am offering free sessions to the first 5 people who would like to get rid of their anger and frustration at the situation that is occurring.

If you would be interested in some free SRT sessions to get some understanding of the real source of your upset at the results of the election, please let me know.

These sessions will not change your mind about your choice of candidate, but may give you an entirely different perspective on what has happened as a result of this election.

If you are interested in finding out what has actually been triggered, give me a call and we can set up some free sessions.

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