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Why So Many People Are Reacting Strongly To This Recent Presidential Election

skulls-dreamstime_xs_24929425People at all points on the political spectrum are finding themselves unexpectedly upset at the results of this election and I think I may have discovered the common factor involved.

I have been counseling several people who supported the winning candidate and were very surprised at how difficult life has become for them since the election. In one case,the person became moody and depressed. In another there was unexpected uncertainty and fear.

I have also been corresponding with several old acquaintances who supported the losing candidate and they are displayed personality aspects I had never seen before in them. Some are distraught and truly fearful, while others are angry and feel betrayed by what is happening to the stable data they have been relying on all their lives.

Partisan media on both sides of the election has played a huge role in stirring up old resentments and fears by exaggerated accounts of evil actions and hidden dangers from the regime change that has occurred and is still occurring.

Yes, the media has been madly fanning the flames of discontent and churning up deep reservoirs of ancient fears that they have no understanding of. When the media pushes emotional buttons to get a reaction they can exploit, they are truly messing with forces that are volcanic in nature.

In session after session, I am finding ancient regime changes that were accompanied by wholesale slaughter of innocents and an entire spectrum of punishment, torture and bloodshed involving entire populations. These were regimes which had lasted for many years and had become more corrupt and brutal over time The effort required to overthrow these regimes was significant and seemed to require extreme force, so the revolutions were not frequent nor were they peaceful. When the new factions assumed command they invariably set out to eliminate forever any change of a return to the old regime through punishment and terror, thus insuring resentment in all who witnessed these atrocities.

Killing off a resistant population after a regime change may wipe out all of the hostiles in bodies but almost guarantees a vast armada of disembodied spirits out for revenge or filled with terror at the prospect of another regime change. These spirits are still with us and they are very disturbed at the results of this election, because of the enormity of the change in the power structure.

From what I am seeing in session and through conversations with those who are fearful and upset, this regime change is stirring up older and far more bloody regime changes of the distant past.

SRT processing will help relieve the distress for those who can be reached with spiritual counseling. For those who resist the thought of counseling, getting them to think of what they have in common with those who hold other views will calm them down and getting them involved in positive activities to create a brighter future can stabilize them and make them productive again.

Understanding the role of the media in stirring up their fears can help also. They need to understand that partisan media can be very destructive, especially when only provides a point of view that you agree with.

David St Lawrence

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John Doe  on December 20th, 2016

Many people are upset by the election of Donald Trump to the POTUS, because as observant persons, they see this narcissistic blowhard for what he is: a dangerous authoritarian individual who should not be president.

Looking at his cabinet choices is all the evidence you need. That and Trumps twitter feed.

Running out negative experience incidents of the spirits accompanying a bunch of upset Americans will not cure Donald Trump of his narcissism, nor make him a capable president.

The most distressing thing to me is that the dumbing-down of a critical percentage of Americans appears to be a fait accompli, and these people voted in someone who will not serve their interests, but voted on emotions stirred up by promises to “make America great again.”

Regardless, David I hope you can make people feel better but feeling better about it won’t remedy the takeover of America by the corporate oligarchy class.

OldAuditor  on December 25th, 2016

If you were to communicate with your entities who are reliving ancient regime changes, you would be able to see that your opinions have been formed by mainstream media to the point where you ignore the last 8 years under a narcissistic blowhard, whose dangerous authoritarianism has made America into a third world country wherever he has touched it.

You parrot the progressive message perfectly which tells me that you have not looked at Trumps actions since he has been elected. I suggest that you just chill out and wait until he is president until you consign him to being another Obama.

Nickname  on January 11th, 2017

Insightful article, very carefully written in political correctness. (Joke.) Something that surprises me, is that the individual who has caused more deaths on this planet than WW 1 and WW 2 combined, is not recognized as a mass murdered, and his “theories” labelled as psychotic, schizophrenic, or just recipes for death, and discarded with extreme prejudice. Instead, people talk of his “theories” in some sort of disembodied sense, and sugar-coat them as “socialism”. Not that this is anything new, really. Mankind has had its suicidal elements for ages now. The emotional tone scale is the verbal explanation for it all, that those below 2.0 see pro-survival as evil. Getting a grasp on the reality of it is a bit more difficult than just reading it. The venom and hatred of the socialists really brings it into somewhat horrifying light, as if someone turned on the lights in hell, and the demons became visible, seething. What comforts or reassures me, is that we have not had big riots (only small ones), so it is perhaps a small minority, a remaining few who have not calmed their irrationality.

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