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Want to be Happier? Learn to Talk to your Spiritual Teammates!

I discovered a long time ago that our spiritual teammates, who surround us and influence us every day, truly want to help us.

Since very few of us have learned to communicate effortlessly with the spiritual beings surrounding us, these beings often get frustrated and their efforts to help can have unfortunate consequences.

For example, when we encounter a difficult situation, our spiritual companions often see this as a threat and try to spare us the emotional trauma of responding to the threat by giving us strong emotional messages to flee or to cower so that we will not escalate the situation.

If you have ever wondered why you cannot seem to speak up when you are being insulted or when you are being addressed by a bossy person, you can thank your spiritual teammates who have vividly painful memories of their own and do not want you to be experiencing what they still remember.

When you can communicate with your spiritual teammates, you can get them to see that your boss or the rude lady in the checkout line is not the executioner who killed them so long ago. Your spiritual companions are trying to shield you from harm, but they are still stuck in disasters from long ago and their painful memories are triggered by today’s difficult situations.

When you are able to communicate with the spiritual beings surrounding you, they can help you handle situations with appropriate responses instead of responding from long ago nightmares.

When you learn to talk with your spiritual companions using Spiritual Rescue Technology, you will find that many of your fears and your angry outbursts originate from your spiritual companions. You can learn to help them put their fears and anger to rest and your life will be immeasurable happier.

David St Lawrence

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