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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

What are the effects of immersion in an endless mass of troubled spirits?

This is what we look like spiritually with no SRT processing.

This is what we look like spiritually
with no SRT processing.

If you try to live your life without handling those spirits who attach themselves to you, you end up feeling like this statue.

It has been covered with barnacles from long immersion in seawater with no attention to the accumulation of unwanted marine life.

Don’t be like this statue….

You are immersed in an endless throng of spirits even before the moment you are born again in a new body. You stay immersed in this great mass of spiritual beings for the rest of your life and this affects you in many ways.

Your assumption of your new body is not a peaceful and sacred moment as some like to portray. Instead it appears to be more of a Rugby Scrum with opposing teams of beings trying to gain control of the baby body.

You can verify this for yourself by asking questions of the beings who are closest to you and who help you through life.

You and your spiritual teammates take control of the body and do your best to make it survive and stay healthy. If your team is organized, all will go well until something in the environment triggers a reaction in some of the entities who accompany you through life.

The reason most of these entities are accompanying you is that they are no longer able to confront having or running a body. Something in their past has crushed their spirit and they cling to you or your body in an effort to stay relevant. They can act as advisers or as constant critics, or in some cases they are bent on revenge for some long ago thing you did to them.

The point is that they are generally a source of counter-intention or other-intention and this tends to make it harder for you to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

To make matters more difficult, you accumulate more of these beings as time goes on. A small child may have a sunny disposition, but by the time she enters school she will have accumulated thousands of beings from other people they are exposed to. Many of these beings can have counter-intention to the child’s survival. By the time you grow to an advanced age, you can accumulate an overpowering collection of beings with disparate goals and unhappy memories of long duration.

This is what we look like spiritually with no SRT processing.

This is another view of what we look like
spiritually with no SRT processing.

Almost any kind of spiritual therapy can wake up some of these beings and get them to leave. The Scientology OT levels even claimed to banish all of these beings forever, which was an unfortunate misestimation. The OT levels merely wake up and drive off a small fraction of the beings around you so that you feel better for a short time. Unfortunately, you continue to pick up new spiritual beings whenever you meet new people or go new places, so it does not take long before you return to your previous unhappy state.

With Spiritual Rescue Technology, you can rescue these beings from the incidents they are stuck in and be sure that they will not return, however as many of you have noticed, you are still picking up new beings all the time. The solution is to do frequent solo SRT sessions so that you pick up any new entities that do not fit in. These solo sessions will also help orient those beings who are interested in helping you so that they meld into an effective team that supports your goals.

SRT allows you to convert unaligned beings into an effective team that acts on your behalf to achieve your goals. SRT gives you the ability to make things happen as they should with almost no counter effort. This is very close to real magic as you can make things happen as you want them to happen.

Frequent solo SRT sessions will give you more gains than you can imagine.

David St Lawrence

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Anita Warren  on April 4th, 2017

OMG, this is so good! YesI I agree with these pictures that show what we are up against before we do something about it! haha

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