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Late Breaking Discovery of a Significant Problem With Scientology Auditing

During the 20 years I delivered auditing in the Church of Scientology, I would occasionally come across a situation where the preclear would have trouble running an incident which should have FNed because the incident was thoroughly examined and a postulate was voiced, but the needle would not float even though the preclear was sure there was nothing left to run.

When these would occur, they always seemed to clear up when a correction list was used that contained these words, “Not your incident?”

Somehow this always seemed to indicate to the preclear and his needle would start floating so we could end off. The instructions for this question were quite clear: Do Not Attempt to Find Whose Incident This is.

In recent sessions, we have encountered some SRT clients who run SRT quite well, but always seem uncertain if the results will be permanent. In following this up with several clients, I discovered that these clients had run some of these same incidents in their Scientology processing. In some cases, they had run the same incident in session after session because the problem somehow kept returning!

In talking to the entities involved, it appears that they would run to release on a Dianetic or a Scientology process, but the auditor somehow did not recognize their end phenomena because their release did not generate a three swing Floating Needle or the indication was made to the preclear and the entities did not feel acknowledged.

In addition, there was a mis-assignment of charge, because the preclear was being audited on an incident that was not his own.

In the case of an unrecognized Clear, almost all of the incidents being run in Scientology processing were entity incidents and they may have felt unreal to the preclear, especially when the dates did not make sense, as in dying several times during a war.

If you are an SRT client and have the slightest doubt that SRT works miracles, you might want to check if your entities were run on Dianetic or Scientology processes and were left unflat or were overrun, or were invalidated by being ignored.

Try running a solo SRT session and ask your entities if their Scientology processing needs repair. You may be able to get a much needed boost in enthusiasm just through letting them tell you what happened.

If they still need attention, please contact Kathy Elliott or myself for some help. They will be stuck in an incomplete cycle and this will affect your ability to get lasting gains from any spiritual activity.

David St Lawrence

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