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Anatomy of a Mental Image or Mental Image Picture


Image courtesy of Amaru Zeas

Could it be possible that all of the current definitions of mental images are incomplete, because they are based on what various researchers have observed and experienced? You have people in physical bodies trying to express what they have observed without reference to the complete spiritual universe.

Just suppose that all mental images only exist as long as a spiritual being is creating them and holding them in place.

Here is a commonly accepted definition of a mental image or mental picture.
“It is the representation in a person’s mind of the physical world outside of that person. It is an experience that, on most occasions, significantly resembles the experience of perceiving some object, event, or scene, but occurs when the relevant object, event, or scene is not actually present to the senses.”

Such a mental image can contain visual data, sound, smells, emotions, attitudes and sensations. It can be a fully developed three dimensional image with many perceptions or it can be a ghostly image that almost eludes perception.

We can experience one of these mental images quite easily, even though we may not be able to describe how we construct the image. Think of a cat. Is it a cat you have seen sometime in the past? Now, think of a purple cat with large white spots. Can you visualize this cat? If so, are you fairly confident that is your mental image? How about a bright green cat the size if a doberman? Experiment with creating images of cats in various sizes and colors until you can create and un-create them at will.

Is there some cat image that does not seem to go away? You may find that some image seems to persist once it has been created. If so, there is a strong possibility that this image is being created by another being. If you cannot make the image go away, it is probably not your image. Acknowledge that is is not your image and see what happens.

When you read a book and you get a vivid image of what you are reading, you may have created the image out of your fertile imagination, but in many cases, you will see imagery that you have never seen or experienced before. We have reason to believe that your spiritual partners are providing you with images to illustrate the story you are reading. How many of you are having difficulty getting the image at the top of the page out of your mind?

In an SRT session, when a counselor addresses a being and asks a question about some long ago incident that still bothers the being, an image appears which can be perceived by the counselor and by the client and by any observers of the session. This occurs quite regularly in live demonstration sessions performed in front of a group. Once the image has been observed, the image can be recalled later by the spectators as well as the people directly involved in the session. You can consider that each person has made a copy of the image to add to their personal collection.

Each copy of the image is a result of creation on the part of a being and it seems that the image persists as long as the being intends it to persist.

It might be inferred that any unwanted image that persists could be the creation of some other spiritual being and this can be tested by inspecting it to see who its creator is. Since an image is merely a specialized thought, this should also apply to unwanted thoughts. If you have a fear or an attitude that you cannot control and make vanish, you might want to see who is putting that thought in your space.

In session after session, we do this and find that some spiritual being is responsible for creating the thought or image that is creating a problem for a person. Once the being is handled with SRT processing, the thought or attitude vanishes along with any images related to the incident that he is stuck in.

I have been using a working definition of a being as a “living thought” which can use some refinement, but it will serve as a place holder until we understand more about the relationship between thoughts, images, intentions and beings. Some of us perceive beings in by their thoughts, images, intentions, and effects on the physical universe. Others perceive beings by their energy signatures or vibration levels.

However we perceive beings, it is our ability to use caring communication with these beings that enables us to help free them from the situation they are in and restore their free will.

If you are interested in handling the mental images that populate your thoughts, consider looking for the beings who are creating the images and getting into communication with them. Life will get a lot easier. We see this in session after session.

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