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Webinar Sunday, April 23 on the Anatomy of Failed Help

How many of you have struggled to help someone you loved and despite your best efforts watched them succumb again to the problems they had when you started?
Some of you may have had the other experience of having a loved one or a friend refuse your efforts to help them even though they may have agreed that they needed help.
These failures to help can eventually blunt your desire to help or can leave you with terrible feelings of loss
We will be discussing how you can detect the underlying conditions that prevent you from helping someone or some group and how you can provide the only help that is acceptable to them without being frustrated or going crazy.
This Sunday, April 22nd, we will be giving you an understanding of why you failed to help those who seemed to need it most.
I can guarantee that this is data you have never heard before and it may just give you relief from all of your past failures to help.
This webinar is open to all members of the SRT Discussion Group and you can join now by using this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spiritualrescuetechnology/
If you have not joined the webinar before, please sign on a few minutes early so you can do a sound and video check before we get started.
I hope to see you all at the webinar tomorrow.

David St Lawrence

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