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Let’s say that you believe that intention is cause. This is reasonably easy to validate and there are even exercises that can prove this to you by bringing your cause level up to a point where you can intend something to happen and it will happen.

These exercises work when the persons working with you intend for you to increase your cause level. These exercises fail when those coaching you intend you to fail and go away in defeat.

Lets test the assumption that intention is cause. Think of the last success you had. Did you intend that to happen? Were other people intending you to be successful? Was anyone protesting your success?

I think you will find that every success you have enjoyed was easy to the extent that there were no counter intentions to that success.

I think you will also find that every failure was accompanied by negative postulates from others and by your own doubts and reservations.

This is what I have observed from hundreds of sessions and in 80 plus years of personal experience:



The future is the summed postulates of all beings participating in that future. This makes prediction tricky doesn’t it?

Unless you use your psychic abilities intelligently and observe all intersecting intentions without flinching.

Suppose you were to use caring communication on those who are postulating your failure? Do you think you might be able to postulate a success that they could share in? If you can’t envision a future where you can both benefit, you are postulating a zero sum game and one of will lose if the other wins. You can almost see that you are postulating mutual destruction and I think you might remember how those kind of contests end.

If you want a future to happen, try making it a future where everyone associated with you wins. I think you will find that you will be far more successful and you will end up with many new friends instead of opponents.

I see there is more to write about using this viewpoint, so I will leave off here and let you exercise your imagination as to how you can include others in your future success.

I think you now have the answer to the problem I posed in the title to this article. This will be continued.

Let me know if anything interesting occurs in the meantime.

David St Lawrence

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Hemi  on May 5th, 2017

Hello David,
You wrote: I think you will find that every success you have enjoyed was easy to the extent that there were no counter intentions to that success.

Come now, surely you know better. Any worthwhile success, to be such, had to be difficult to reach BECAUSE OF VERY STRONG COUNTER INTENTIONS!! In sport, business, any competition, part of the whole work is to be so good as to OVERCOME counter intentions of the rivals. If no worthy counter intentions at all, (= difficulies)there is no game, and the success has no value. In this universe anyway!! Surely this is obvious.

OldAuditor  on May 5th, 2017

Hemi, you seem to have missed the point I was making because of your desire to make things hard for yourself. I used to have the idea that success was only good if it was difficult to accomplish, but I no longer judge success by its difficulty, only by the reward.

I wrote. “I think you will find that every success you have enjoyed was easy to the extent that there were no counter intentions to that success.” The point was the success can be easy if one handles the counter intention to the success.

I like easy successes, you like difficult successes. Different strokes for different folks.

Hemi  on May 6th, 2017

Very interesting. I am ready to accept your view point on being more easy and even let it change me a bit. As my spiritual path progresses, I learn more from others, even in a so called “arguing game” with them. I suggest you do a similar thing here, if you wish, and see that my view point on difficulty has its benefits too. Of course by considering that “easy” and “difficult” are not black white but a wide scale. looking at it this way will show that our view are not that different. Only the degree on the scales of these 2 terms we are willing to experience. In other words how much difficulty or ease we are ready to experience and STILL ENJOY the road to success. In this way difficulty will not be a source of suffering but a nice challenge.
And so we might find that we are both right, by having difficulties and removing them expertly and enjoyably, on the way to an easy success…

Karina B  on May 9th, 2017

Each to his own. I have found other beings are wanting to exercise certain abilities while others consider it troublesome because of different considerations from the past.
It seems to be a bit of a balancing act there and non stop development of awareness, thus making success a kind of new and different concept.

OldAuditor  on May 9th, 2017

Karina, I am providing another tool for making success less of a crap shoot. If you are not being successful, you now know where to look for the counter intention.

And in response to Hemi, you can make the removal of counter intention as easy or as difficult as you wish. Removing difficulties enjoyably is an option I applaud.

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