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Getting Advice From Spirits

I run into people who say oh yeah I talk to my spirits all the time blah blah blah but they don’t realize that spirits are real people.

These spirit people don’t have bodies but they do care for you or are trying to punish you or even trying to educate you. Once you realize that they are real and not your imagination you can work with them to change your life for the better.

For some of you, it is very easy to realize that the spirits are real because they are your grandmother or dear departed father or mother who is looking after you. More often it is a being who has the same interest as you do and is trying to work out solutions for your problems using his past experiences as a guide.

The reason that you need to talk to your spirits is that they may be stuck in some old experience which makes them give you bad advice.

I can’t emphasize this too strongly. You would not take advice from a criminal or someone fleeing the law or someone who viewed strangers as being dangerous. You have spirits around you who have lots of bad and painful memories and the advice they give you will not be very sensible.

When you do irrational things, you are generally being controlled by an entity who is not in good shape.

The bottom line is that people who do not believe in spirits are continually under the control of those spirits and have no clue on what is happening to them.

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