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Are You Doubtful About Being Enthusiastic?

What is it about living fearlessly that is so off putting? When I suggest that joyous enthusiasm should be the natural condition of a healthy spirit, I get disbelieving looks from some people.

I can actually understand this because I spent most of my life with the same disbelief about joyous enthusiasm.

It appears that the average emotional tone level on this planet at this time is hovering between anxiety and hostility with rare excursions to joy and laughter and frequent drops to fearful avoidance and occasional unconsciousness.

We have survived so far by pressing on through the pain and suffering of daily life: tight schedules, lack of sleep, and hostile relationships on all sides with the aid of coffee, stronger beverages, and occasional uplifting encounters with others who understand us.

I have the feeling that I was not the only person who acclimated himself to living in a less than satisfactory world and just kept slogging, hoping that something would happen to lighten the load I seemed to be carrying.

Some of us spent years looking for solutions that would lift our lives to another level, only to find that the relief was temporary or an illusion. My personal quest led me to become active in organized religion of a Protestant nature, in Metaphysical approaches to inner peace, in Scientology and it offshoots, and finally to devise solutions based on my own research.

This last approach resulted in Spiritual Rescue Technology, a continually expanding body of knowledge about spirits and their effects on our personalities and our bodies. It gave me the ability to lift a person’s tone level to enthusiasm by handling the spirits that were keeping the person depressed and afraid. Unfortunately, the effect only lasted until another set of spirits made their appearance and created a noticeable drop in the person’s emotional tone level. If the person was not prepared to handle these new arrivals, the drop in tone level acted to invalidate the gains from the earlier session.

The truth is that we are constantly surrounded and immersed in spiritual beings and that staying in control of our lives requires constant awareness of the presence of spiritual beings, whether helpful or antagonistic. Spiritual Rescue Technology allows us to handle unhappy and helpful beings alike, but it has to be used in order to be effective.

If a person lives in a normal Earth environment, he should expect that he will have to wash himself off frequently in order to stay healthy. Living in a spirit filled environment requires similar attention in order to maintain control of ones thoughts and actions. If you accumulate spirits, they will affect your thoughts and influence your decisions.

You can move away disturbing spirits with almost any healthy spiritual or physical activity, but the effects will be temporary as the spiritual beings have not left. That is why exercise or meditation will lift your spirits for a short period of time, until you resume your normal pattern of activity.

Spiritual Rescue Technology will permanently handle or remove harmful spirits and will raise you to joyful enthusiasm, but you will need to repeat the action until all spirits currently affecting a particular area are handled or removed. If other spirits start affecting your behavior or personality, you will need to clean them up until you are stably enthusiastic. Then you will need to keep cleaning up any spirits who disturb your joyful enthusiasm.

In order to maintain your enthusiasm about life, you need to keep one important fact in mind and that has been captured in SRT Axiom One:

Axiom One: If you are not enthusiastic, you are being affected by unhappy spiritual entities.

If you use SRT processes on the unhappy entities, enthusiasm will return. If you are the unhappy entity, SRT processes will restore enthusiasm to you also.

Understanding this Axiom is essential if you wish to experience joyful enthusiasm and maintain that fortunate state.

Steeling yourself to withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune is unnecessary if you understand and apply this Axiom. You use SRT processing liberally until you attain a state of joyful enthusiasm, and then you use more SRT processing at any drop from joyful enthusiasm.

Is that so hard? SRT processing or SRT self processing produces joyful enthusiasm. Use it constantly to keep your spiritual companions in good shape and yourself in enthusiasm.

What do you think life would be like if you were enthusiastic for days at a time?

With SRT, you have a tool that makes that possible. All you have to do is to use it frequently enough.


David St Lawrence



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Susan  on May 26th, 2017

Please explain SRT processing.

OldAuditor  on May 26th, 2017

SRT Processing is short for Spiritual Rescue Technology Processing which is described in several links on the same page.
Here is a direct link: http://spiritual-rescue-technology.com/

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