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Spiritual Rescue Technology is Becoming a Multi-Tier Activity

Spiritual Rescue Technology Has Given Birth to Talking to Spirits Workshops

Spiritual Rescue Technology was developed over the last ten years to handle troubled spirits who were making difficulty for the people they surrounded. Our current activities are the weekly webinars and my SRT counseling practice. These appeal to those who are serious students of the spiritual world and want to work with their spiritual companions to improve the quality of their lives.

We are now starting a program for raw public who are interested in spirits and would like to learn more. This program consists of Talking to Spirits workshops.

These Talking to Spirits workshops enable participants to contact any spirits they care to reach out for and get answers to questions they may have. I locate the spiritual beings and ask the questions, and the participants channel the answers.

The participants get to observe spiritual communication in action and are coached to improve their perceptions of spiritual communication. Participants are uniformly excited to find out that they can perceive what spirits are saying and they are given homework assignments to continue solo sessions where they communicate with more of their spirits on their own.

Participants are also taught to use Caring Communication so that the spirits will communicate freely with them.

I want three products from every Talking to Spirits workshop session:

  1. The participants experience spiritual communication as thoughts and images.
  2. The participants become aware that they can perceive spiritual communication when it is occurring between myself and various spiritual beings.
  3. Participants are now willing to conduct solo sessions and engage in communication with their helpful spiritual companions.

So far, we are right on target. Participants gain certainty that talking to spirits is possible and begin to look for ways to interact with their spiritual companions.

David St Lawrence

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