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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

The reason people don’t seem to like you may be due to your protective spirits

I have a client who is intelligent and personable and learns quickly, but she has not been getting the job assignments she is highly qualified for. Since she tries to be friendly, she has been at a loss to understand why people seem to shy away from dealing with her.
In talking to her, I was struck by the presence of two protective spirits who popped into view and changed her personality as soon as we discussed what is happening in her workplace. She instantly changed from a warm and friendly person into a frustrated warrior and her personal space became charged with anger.
These protective spirits were two Viking warriors who failed on an important mission and they projected a strong feeling of suppressed violence whenever my client encountered a barrier to her attempts to better herself.
They had failed in their mission and their families had starved, so any action that resulted in failure for my client aroused their fury and this fury affected not only my client, but anyone she was dealing with.
Handling these Viking and their terrible family tragedy brought them all out of their misery and woke them up so they can engage in the game of life again.
With the Vikings handled, my client acts and feels like a new person. It seems easier for her to be warm and friendly now. I feel she will get more hugs now that her Vikings are no longer scaring people.
If you have trouble making friends, perhaps your protective spirits are scaring people off
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