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How Things Have Changed – Thoughts on Going Clear

(Originally published on December 8, 2009 )

In the Seventies,  new Clears were being made and confirmed every week. It was a wonderful time to be in Scientology.When I went Clear, I was conscious of having a calm and quiet space around me for the first time this lifetime.  I had been receiving auditing and realized that things had changed in ways I could not even begin to describe other than I felt absolutely at peace for the first time ever.

As I recall, I was on course studying when I saw a certain definition and cognited that I had gone Clear. At this point, my space opened up further and I sat there with eyes streaming with tears of joy.  My attest cycle went smoothly because it confirmed my knowingness with no hint of evaluation or invalidation.  Those were the days and I was incredibly fortunate with my timing.

I went on to do my Grades and studied to become an auditor.

As an auditor, I had the privilege to audit a number of people to Clear and they all had unique experiences going Clear. The one thing that was common from my viewpoint as an auditor was that their personal space had less and less mass as they got closer to Clear.

Engram chains started blowing faster and faster and in most cases the Tone Arm was floating all over the dial while the PC sat there and glowed. When the attest cycle was smoothly handled the PC had fabulous wins to share and this inspired public to get more auditing.

Not all PCs went clear on Dianetics, some Clears were discovered when a Correction List like the Green Form was run. I even remember someone going Clear while on study.

The cognition that marks the attainment of the state is valid however it is reached. Normally it takes auditing to unburden the case enough for the being to become cause over his engrams, but thetans are a remarkably resourceful bunch.

The state of Clear might best be described as temporarily regaining control over painful mental image pictures.
No matter how you arrive at this state it is a triumph of the spirit and worthy of great celebration.

As of today, many different groups outside Scientology have learned how to enable a person to temporarily regain control over painful mental image pictures and most of these groups have gone on to attract followers who can attain higher levels of awareness.

Temporarily regaining control over your over painful mental image pictures still leaves you open to the mental image pictures and compulsions enforced on you by your spiritual companions (which Scientology calls body thetans).

Scientology’s OT levels are an attempt to exorcise these spirits, but these levels do not come close to handling the effect of  these spirits on your life. The only way we have found to put yourself in control of your thoughts and your spiritual companions is to continue daily solo sessions where you manage your spiritual companions so they contribute to your life instead of interfering with it.

In the past 10 years, I have developed a technology to communicate with spirits in a caring way so that upset spirits are released from their engrams and are enabled to help us if they so desire. This Spiritual Rescue Technology has been learned and used by hundreds of people and you can start by reading Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology.

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