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(This is a long one, but it is worth reading to the end.)

I was running a session today in a group of new students and we witnessed a mid-session transfer of a spiritual being from one student to another.

I had been talking to the being and had called him Harold so my communication to him would not confuse his host who had only one session prior to this. Harold was having trouble communicating through this host, possibly because the experience of channeling a spirit was so new to her.

He jumped to another student and continued the conversation with me almost without a pause. His voice and phrasing was unchanged so it was easy to see that Harold had just jumped from one body to another.

The second student was the most psychically gifted of the group and was able to channel Harold’s thoughts with ease. As the story unfolded, it became evident why Harold needed a gifted person to channel his thoughts.

Harold had been detected because he was acting in a way that caused his host to be indecisive and be more cautious than she felt was necessary. As I asked him for the incident he was stuck in, his responses seemed to exceed the reality of his host and she had difficulty locating things and seeing what was going on.

It was at this point that Harold jumped to the second person and began describing what he had experienced. The incident took place before he came to this planet and before he and his people used human bodies. He was a leader of sorts and he and his people were very high toned. As he described it they were operating in a gold vibration band and everything was bright and beautiful. They were in complete harmony with everything around them.

At the time of this session, Harold and his people had reverted to being dark beings because they had been attacked and destroyed by dark beings.

Harold had the hardest time coming to any realization that he and his people had anything to do with being destroyed. Fortunately the woman doing the channeling had excellent perceptions and had no emotional barriers at all to accepting what she saw.

When Harold could not see or imagine what responsibility he had for triggering the destructive attack, I was able to direct Harold’s attention to his earlier activities which may have caused such a response from the dark beings.

Finally Harold was able to remember a time very long before when he and his people were dark beings too. Over a long time he and his people became gold beings and separated from the dark beings, leaving them in the darkness and moving to a new place where they could enjoy being gold beings.

I am sure that you who have run sessions, can see how this move could have estranged him and his people from the dark beings they used to be part of. People who have become socially mobile through their own efforts are often hated by those who could not make the same changes in their lives.

It took a lot of carefully non-directive questions before Harold could see how his actions had produced a reaction that would result in others wanting to harm him and his people. He mentioned at this point that he could see that he and his people now looked pink, and felt they were more alive.

We did not take this session to its normal conclusion, because Harold’s original host had a major realization and introduced another being called Edward into the discussion. When you are running sessions with very new people and they have stunning realizations, this can happen. We did end up with both Harold and Edward at a good point and the original host could feel a significant difference in her free will. By the way, she was very aware when Harold jumped from her to another participant in the workshop. She could feel his departure.

I have had beings and clusters of beings jump from the client to me in the middle of sessions, but I had not realized until now that it was because they were frustrated with their ability to get to me through the person who was channeling them.

My teammates suggest that fixed ideas can impair the ability to channel spirit communication that does not fit the fixed ideas. Misunderstood concepts and words can render the channeler unconscious. Finally, if the channeler does not understand caring communication, they may be resisting the viewpoint of the being they are channeling.

When someone is willing to relax and be the conduit of someone else’s ideas, channeling can be remarkably smooth and easy on the being and the channeler.

The significant lesson to take home from this is that a motivated being will find a way to communicate when he see that someone is willing to listen to him.

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