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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

If it’s complicated, your entities are making it complicated

I am repeating it here because it is so important: If any situation is complicated, your entities are making it complicated

Many of you realize that you are constantly being influenced by the spirits who inhabit your personal space, but you do not recognize one of the most common signs of entity influence and it is extremely subtle.

Someone says, “If you can spot a decision you made a very long time ago, you can revisit it and nullify the effect of that decision.”

If you find yourself asking, “Just how do you do this and how do you hold your mouth when you are doing this and how does this square with Heizenberg’s uncertainty principle?” you are beset with spiritual entities who cannot simply go and test things for themselves.

How do you break yourself from listening to these spiritual beings who cannot grasp new ideas? When you hear someone like me say something preposterous, you test to see if that is true.

Ask yourself, “When did I decide to be human?” and if you are sufficiently alert, you will get some sort of answer.

Then you can ask yourself if that was a good idea. You and your spiritual companions will probably get a good laugh out of what comes up when you do this.

If you are sufficiently motivated, you will learn how to use SRT to get your spiritual companions into present time where they can help you with useful suggestions.

If you are still having difficulty comprehending new ideas, please check why your spiritual companions are balking at these ideas. When you do so, life gets so much simpler.

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