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Unhandled Body Thetans – Courtesy of the Church of Scientology

By now, everyone with a cell phone knows that the Scientology OT Levels deals with Body Thetans or BTs which make people act crazy or get sick if they are not carefully removed.

They also have heard that these OT levels are supposed to get rid of these body thetans. Unfortunately there is no end to the body thetans you will run in to because we are surrounded by them and they are everywhere there is life.

Body Thetans are just a Scientology term for spiritual beings of all kinds. Ordinary people have known about these spirits for centuries and they have given them many names: entities, ghosts, demons, spirit guides, wraiths, the departed, angels, you name it.

When you do Scientology, the processes used tend to stir up these body thetans, even when you are only doing lower level processes like the grades or confessionals. Whenever you ask for a past life incident, you run the chance of waking up some sleeping spiritual being and getting the spiritual entity’s engrammic incident instead of the preclear’s incident.

This far more common than you might think, but a good auditor can handle an origination from a disembodied spirit and acknowledge it sufficiently so that the spirit is relieved of any upset and the preclear feels better so his needle is floating.

However, the Golden Age of Tech ended the training of good auditors and as a result, there are many more upset body thetans then ever before.

How can I possibly suggest this? If you want to see what unhandled body thetans do to a person, just look at the number of ex-Scientologists who are still ranting about the dead Founder of a dying church and the people he trained instead of getting on with their lives.

Yes, the offenses were real but holding a grudge for 20 years is insane. When a person is abused by an organization like the Church of Scientology or the Sea Org of Scientology, this abuse triggers responses in the beings surrounding the person and if these are not handled, the person will continue grumbling for many years. The COS and the Sea Org were not the first examples of institutionalized insanity, as almost every civilization has tried their hand at this form of control.

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