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Changing Your Personality – Part 2

Just What Does Your Personality Consist of?

Your personality is the way you respond to or create your life. It used to be thought that personality could not change, but more recent studies show that this is not the case and there are hundreds of methods used to bring about desirable changes.

Here is a generally accepted definition: personality (pûrˌsə-nălˈĭ-tē)
n. The quality or condition of being a person.
n. The totality of qualities and traits, as of character or behavior, that are peculiar to a specific person.
n. The pattern of collective character, behavioral, temperamental, emotional, and mental traits of a person:

Here is what scientists have determined:
The Association for Psychological Science has determined that brain structure corresponds to personality. Source:

Yale researchers have determined that personality dwells in the frontoparietal network of the brain! Source:

Science does not seem to support the idea that changing your personality can be done on a do it yourself basis, but we have determined otherwise.

Here is what we have determined by talking to departed spirits and you can verify this yourself:
a. These spirits do not have brains or any body parts at all
b. These spirits have distinct personalities
c. The personalities of these spirits can be changed by simple SRT processing which removes the effect of past mistakes and trauma.
d. The emotional states and personalities of these spirits affect the personality and behavior of the person they are accompanying.
e. When spiritual beings are processed with SRT, the personality of the person they accompany changes.

Using our findings, we have been able to produce desirable personality changes in willing subjects in just a matter of hours. Our conversational style counseling methodology accesses psychically traumatic material and relieves years of pent up frustration and emotional struggle with no lingering after effects.

Our ability to get consistent results stem from our discovery that your personality is being created on the fly by you and your spiritual companions.

Your personality at any moment is the aggregate of the personalities being exhibited by your active spiritual companions.

If we select spirits with undesirable personality aspects and handle the factors which are making them act in undesirable ways, the spirits brighten up and no longer affect you negatively. When we handle enough of your disturbed spirits, your personality starts exhibiting the aspects you desire.

You can selectively change a personality to achieve specific results. If you desire to exhibit any or all of the following, you only need to find and handle the spirits who are opposing any of these: Charisma Confidence, Creativity, Discipline, Willpower, or Happiness.

Basically, you can tailor your personality to fit any need. You can make yourself aggressive, suave, intuitive, humorous, or tailored to fit any situation you need to deal with. If your needs change over time, you have the freedom to tailor your personality to the new roles you wish to play.

All you are doing is changing the mix of personalities in your entourage of spiritual companions.

In Changing Your Personality – Part 3 we will cover in detail how this is done, either in session or through solo sessions. Look for it in the next few days.

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