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Want to Live Guilt-Free?

Thanks to a stunning breakthrough in Spiritual Rescue Technology, you may be able to free yourself from the guilt that makes you quail before an accusing stare or any suggestion that you have done something wrong.

These deep seated feeling of guilt make you flinch when some one says, “You came in 30 minutes late!” or “You took the last doughnut!” or “You forgot to put the seat down!”

These feelings of guilt cause simple queries to trigger all sorts of unpleasant defensive reactions. If someone says, “Where were you?” or “Aren’t you going to the reunion?” you find it hard to give a simple and honest answer.

These deep seated feelings of guilt will also cause you to lie when it is not necessary. Instead of telling the truth, you find yourself inventing all sorts of excuses and white lies. What is even worse, these feelings of guilt cause you to anticipate being caught and your demeanor will project guilt when it not even necessary.

You will also find that people will not believe you because you are projecting guilt even when there is no actual reason you should feel that way.

Well, it time to change your life and live guilt-free. With Spiritual Rescue Technology, I have been able to locate the source of this guilt and to provide lasting relief in just one or two sessions. If you have deep seated feelings of guilt that have been with you for years regardless of your actual behavior, you are afflicted with some spirits who are stuck in a mistake that has left them permanently feeling guilty.

Because you have been feeling their guilt, you have been influenced into acting guilty and have probably made mistakes and even fudged the truth to cover these mistakes up.

I have developed a way to locate these beings and free them from the trap of endless guilt that they have been carrying. You can start living guilt-free immediately and will shortly find yourself living fearlessly.

You will also find that your position in any group you are a part of will change for the better. You will find that you are becoming cause in your relationships rather then continuing to be the effect of others opinions.

If you think this might help you to live a happier life, arrange for a session at your earliest convenience.

David St Lawrence


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Jhoward  on October 9th, 2017

Hey David, Long time no see. Remember the days at MCBA…

Looks like you are still working to help people. Good for you. I’m still a techie – They’ll have to pry the mouse from my cold dead fingers… someday.

I left the church some years ago and am happier and freer for it.

Jerry Howard

OldAuditor  on October 14th, 2017

Hi Jerry!
It is such a pleasure to hear from you.
I have been out since 1995 and started this blog soon after.
I finally got out from under the radar in 2010.

Have you retired, or are you employed in some technical capacity?

Jhoward  on October 21st, 2017

Hi David, I’m working as a consultant, doing embedded systems programming for the Internet of things. Email me at the address above and I can tell you more of my story.


Jhoward  on October 21st, 2017

Looks like the address didn’t stay with my comment, so here is is;


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