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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Believe It Or Not, This Is A Success Story

 A friend of mine had her first Spiritual Rescue Technology session last week in which we located and handled a spiritual being who was so buried in guilt that my friend felt guilty all of her life and never knew why.

The being affected every part of my friends life and had made guilt a permanent part of her personality. When you absolutely positively KNOW you are guilty of something life can become a living hell.

Every question, every questioning look, even an unfriendly glance, can trigger a feeling of guilty terror which is made worse because you don’t know what is happening. You will seem nervous because you do not know what is coming next and you will make mistakes and desperately want to cover them up.

The guilt-ridden spiritual being left within minutes of being discovered and my friend immediately became calmer and more confident. She has maintained this new state ever since.

Today, she was returning a borrowed cup and bowl to a neighbor and both broke because of a mistake she made. She had not secured them when she took off in her truck to return them. You can see the broken articles in the image above.

For the first time in her life, she did not feel guilty because she had made a mistake. She felt a wonderful sense of relief.

No guilt, no blame, just an immediate solution. She is going to buy replacements.

Is this an ability you could use?

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