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A Being Asked Me A Question…

After having been rescued from an incident where he had been taken over by a female spirit and made to do vile things, a being named Lawrence asked me a question that applies to all of us.

“How can I know if I am doing something on my own or if someone is controlling me?”

Our years of research in Spiritual Rescue Technology has provided a reliable two-question test to answer this important question.

1. Are you joyful and enthusiastic about what you are doing?

2. Are you maintaining your integrity?

A. If your answer to #1 is no, you are being influenced or controlled by another spiritual being and your answer to #2 is probably no..

B. If your answer to #1 is yes and your answer to #2 is no, you are being controlled by another spiritual being.

C. If your answers to #1 and #2 are yes, you are probably doing something right and your spiritual companions are in agreement with what you are doing.

The bottom line in all of this is when you are enthusiastic about what you are doing and maintaining your integrity, you are not under the control of other beings.

The test is shown in diagram form below:

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