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Negative Emotion Session – Sweet Oblivion

Negative Emotion Sessions are a new tool for spotting and handling emotions that negatively affect your life.

This emotion was not on the list but a search for something that felt like death uncovered a being who was definitely good at producing a seductive urge to let everything go and sink into oblivion.

This feeling is very hard to resist and I have experienced it when I have gone back to sleep for a few hours early in the morning. I think others may have experienced this emotion when they have to get up in the morning. It is like a craving for more sleep, but it is actually a craving for oblivion.

Sweet oblivion is the ultimate release from pain and suffering. Trying to wake up on certain mornings triggers this emotion and the being takes over your motor controls and you slump back in bed and go unconscious in seconds.

It is the ultimate release from pain and suffering and this being created this state for himself so that no one could revive him. He devised an escape from the situation he was in. He has not played the body game himself for 21,000 years.

He said there is no torture in life with David, but being pulled out of a sound sleep triggers this old response.

We agreed that he could go and establish a place where this sweet oblivion was available on request. People could experience this sweet oblivion for a few days or for much longer. He could even run classes on achieving this seductive state.

At this point, he left for Ocracoke Island in North Carolina and since then I feel completely free of that urge to achieve oblivion.

I am sure he was not the only being to devise this clever way of escaping agony. If you have someone like him, I will be glad to help you locate and handle him.

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Rina  on November 8th, 2017

Neat discovery; no doubt there are many beings at work in these types of sensations. Its pretty awful to watch in some cases when people believe they have some strange newly discovered disease or conditions that fit in these kind of symptoms. But when they do not believe in spirit its not possible to help.

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