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Late Breaking News About Negative Emotions

I do not know why it took me so long to spot how important this is, but now that it is visible, I need to share it to all of you who are using Spiritual Rescue Technology.
They make it difficult for the client to be in session. The being with the negative emotion sees any attempt to ignore that emotion as a counter-intention.
The proper handling is to recognize the emotion and validate it by finding out what caused it. Then you can complete the handling by finding out what was done to create this emotion in the first place. Once you find the justification for this initial action, the reason for the emotion vanishes.
Persistent negative emotions are being constantly triggered by life. It can be very difficult for the person to be aware of the emotion as it seems to be the natural state of things.
Finding a way to directly ask about the emotion is the key to enabling the client to see that the emotion is not his natural state. This opens the door to identifying a spiritual being as the source of the emotion. Once the being or beings are identified, they can be rescued from the persistent emotion with Spiritual Rescue Technology.
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Rina  on November 8th, 2017

A good psychologist should be able to do this; the talking about emotions and validating them part. Even someone with lots of humanity and compassion. Fist steps definitely towards refining communication with life in general.

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