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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology


For those of you who joined the group recently… Here is one of the turning points in the development of Spiritual Rescue Technology which occurred early last year..

Some recent session results have given us more visibility on the spiritual entities who accompany us through many lifetimes. There is so much visibility now that it may shake your stable data on exactly who “you” are.

Anyone who has received an SRT session has learned that we are not alone, We are surrounded by innumerable spiritual beings in all states of consciousness and these beings have abilities that equal our own and in some cases, may exceed them.

In short, for every being with a body on earth, there seem to be many more spirits without bodies.

When you look at the average earth person, you are looking at a body managed by one or more beings and surrounded by other beings who act as spiritual partners helping the first group toward some agreed-upon goals. In addition, there are many more beings who are stuck in incidents of such magnitude that they only act in response to external stimuli. The latter beings are in a hypnotic state and when the earth person encounters something that approximates a past incident, these entities go into action and make the person act in unexpected ways.

So our typical earth person is propelled and surrounded by a huge posse of disembodied spirits who are not under the person’s control. The Earth people who have done the famous Scientology OT levels have the same posse accompanying them, but they have been indoctrinated to ignore them as they testify that these spirits are “all gone” when they complete their OT levels.

Recently, we began to notice at least three different groups of helpful spiritual partners: the Home team, the Away team, and the Free agents who come and go at will. All of these groups seem to do their helpful activities without supervision although some people have been able to call on them for specific help as in writing, seeking customers, finding employment, etc.

This has been our stable data for at least the last few months and now we are entering into the twilight zone.

In session, I helped a client figure out why his relationship with a girlfriend was going so badly and we contacted a being who seemed to be acting as an unseen copilot, which is a being who is always awake and interacts with the being running the body. I have written about these unseen copilots before but we never did a full analysis of this type of relationship. It was enough to know that it existed and that we could sort it out.

It turns out that there may be no pilot in some cases, only a coalition of copilots acting to present a unified personality to the world. There is no “I” in this case, only a “We” acting as an “I”

We have established that we can communicate with these copilots, even our own copilots, and our understanding of human and animal behavior has taken a huge leap forward. Each copilot is a being with a separate personality.

There is an entire book to be written on this topic, but let me leave you with this scenario to consider:

You meet a person who has the qualities you admire in a partner and the admiration is mutual. You establish a relationship and things may go smoothly for a while or a long time. Then you find that the person or you become moody and depressed for no apparent reason. Then you find that you or the other person are attracted to other people and the relationship frays! Since you still like each other, you try to mend the relationship, but there is a constant roller coaster effect where one or the other of you seem to change personalities on a random basis.

Basically, your relationship was developed with one of the copilots (personalities), but not with the entire group. The other copilots (personalities) may even resent you or the way you roll your toothpaste tube.

We have been handling this with SRT for some time, but the fixing up never seems to end. Now that we have a wider view of things, we can interview the entire crew of copilots (personalities) and see what can be done to get them into alignment or offload the ones who are being held there against their will.

Any being can leave the group as their presence is due to agreements they have made, getting them to inspect the agreement that brought them together will change the agreement.

You do not have to believe any of this and continue to act as you have been. However, as long as you do this, you will find it difficult to change your goals or modify your behavior and you will feel real cranky when people talk about copilots (personalities) running the show.

On the other hand, if you choose to communicate with your copilots (personalities), you can experience a joy and a new sense of purpose that will brighten your days.

David and Teammates

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Colin  on November 13th, 2017

Interesting post David (and friends).

I have a question – many people report substantial benefits from meditation, what would be the SRT explanation for this? Not engaging every thought (from entities) quietens down those entities?


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