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Having Trouble Living Your Dream?

You are not alone. Even those people who have identified their dreams can have difficulty getting to the point where they are really living their dreams. This is so much the case that there are many good articles written about how to realize your dreams.
However, I noticed that these practical articles do not directly address the spiritual barriers to living your dreams, instead they address overcoming physical universe barriers.
From my research, I have found the barriers to living your dreams are mainly spiritual and I can help you identify these barriers and show you how to handle them in Sunday’s webinar.
I have recently delivered several sessions on the subject of Living Your Dreams and they have changed the person’s activity level in significant ways and increased their enthusiasm for life!
What is different from earlier SRT sessions is that we get the dream defined and them we look for the EMOTION that is blocking the attainment of the dream. This gives us a much better feel for the actual situation and exposes the beings who are holding that emotion in place. Handling these beings can go very quickly and the relief has been uniformly satisfactory.
Living your dream allows you to live joyfully at your peak capacity. It is a lot easier than you might imagine.
Join me Sunday for an eye opening look at the barriers to living your dreams which you can handle once you know where they are coming from.
Webinar will start at 12 noon EST and the link is https://zoom.us/j/4710611444
The cost of the webinar is $10 and the payment link is: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10
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