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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Spiritual Training Routine 1

I am piloting a set of Spiritual Training routines to increase your certainty on spiritual communications. This first one will be designated ST1.

The purpose of this routine is to help you recognize spiritual communication from another being when it occurs.

The routine is quite simple, sit quietly and ask your spiritual companions to tell you something you don’t know about specific subjects. Continue the process until you have a win and then end off.

ST1 Process Steps

1. Clear your mind and ask your selves, “Tell me something I don’t know about _____________

2. Acknowledge every thought that appears that answers the question.

3. Repeat the question when the flow of answers stops.

4. If no release occurs, ask the question about another topic.

5. Acknowledge every thought that answers the question.

6. Continue 5 and 6 until you have a realization and a win.

7. Thank the spiritual companions who have participated.

Background data: I have observed that Scientology OTs and auditors and some spiritual workers seem to have more trouble detecting entity communication than ordinary people from Floyd County in Virginia.

If I ask a question of my local people, they will respond in a different voice and their body movements will often change as they channel the spirit we have invoked.

This is quite different from Scientologists or people trained in another spiritual discipline. They will chew on what the being has said before responding or they will not recognize incoming communication at all.

I will ask a question of the spiritual beings surrounding the trained person and observe the responses from the being while the person is still straining to make sense of what is happening. It appears that these trained people have been indoctrinated to look for a particular response like a meter read or a feeling of heat or physical reaction as a sign of spiritual presence instead of listening for a thought.

I feel this Spiritual Training Routine can help anyone increase their ability to recognize spirit thoughts as being different than their own thoughts.

Please run this process and give me your feedback.

David St Lawrence

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