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SRT Versions Of The L’s Rundowns Are Available For Those Who Need A Little Extra Help

There are some of you running Spiritual Rescue Technology who have picked off most of the spirits who have been holding you back from achieving your goals. When I ask you what you have had attention on, there is not much that springs into view.

Several years ago I developed SRT versions of the famous L’s Rundowns which could be run on anyone without restriction. I have run this on several clients with great success as it asks questions that you do not normally ask yourselves.

Here is a short description of the End Phenomena of L10 and we have been able to achieve this with our SRT version of the L’s questions run with caring communication and a standard SRT process when spirits are encountered.

L10 End Phenomena – Freedom from self-restraint. The person’s reach (havingness) is increased.

L10 is designed to handle the things a being uses to restrain himself. The person regains his ability and power to do those things he intends to do and as a result he feels more at cause than ever before. L10 is an action that really releases a person’s power on the third and fourth dynamic. It takes off the stops that hold a person back on these dynamics.

If any of you are interested in taking off like a rocket this year, give me a call at 540-320-6852 and we will tailor a program for your needs.

Some of you may want to know the technical details on the differences between the SRT and other versions.

Basically, I eliminated the Listing and Nulling actions which are quite disturbing when run on people with active spiritual companions. Any action which does not immediately pick up and handle a reaction to a question can really foul up your spiritual companions.

I also eliminated the barking of items as defined in the L10 method of assessing a list. SRT processes use caring communication and the lists are assessed with caring communication and any reactions are handled with normal conversation.

The L’s questions are directed to the person and the spiritual beings surrounding him. All charged areas are handled on every question that produces a reaction.

The SRT version of the L’s leaves a person and his spiritual companions with increased confront and responsibility levels.

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