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SRT Reach and Withdraw Process Can Allow You To Blow Clusters by Inspection

Well, well, another day and another set of discoveries. It seems that running reach and withdraw on a remote person who has stuck flows brings troubled entities and clusters into view.

Expanding the reach and withdraw to include the troubled entities seems to wake up the entities and they leave after becoming aware of the reach that is occurring. I was preparing to begin standard SRT processing once we identified the entities and clusters but the entities and clusters left of their own accord.

I have talked about stuck flows and how to handle them with reach and withdraw for four different online workshops/webinars and it appears that there is more required to make this real to all students.
The Sunday webinar will consist of one or two live SRT reach and withdraw sessions.

I want a volunteer and a backup volunteer so that I can be sure there will be a session. The volunteers will not pay a webinar fee. I would like the volunteers to select a stuck flow in their lives that they are willing to handle in the presence of other students.

I am sure that there are many such stuck flows that you are already complaining about at every opportunity. This is your chance to get that complaint handled once and for all time.

Please message me privately if you want to volunteer. We will be running the sessions so there is a minimum of distraction. During the session, all cameras and microphones will be turned off except for the volunteer and myself.

You will get to see what can be accomplished with SRT reach and withdraw in its present state of development.

Join me Sunday at 12 noon EST using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

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