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An Extremely Hot Process – Augmented SRT Reach and Withdraw

This process has removed antagonism between people, increased psychic abilities, enabled people to live more fearlessly, and increased empathy to a remarkable degree.

You can do it yourself with good results or you can have me deliver it to you to get you through the barriers to using it on others. I would like you all to get to the point where you can run it on each other.

Reaching and withdrawing are done on a gradient until you are able to perceive what the other person is thinking about themselves and their lives.

The only prerequisite is that you must fully understand what caring communication is and how to do it. Study caring communication which is available at this location:


and practice with a friend if you can until you know what it is and how it works on others.

The reach and withdraw process has three reaching steps and three withdrawing steps. Each reach step requires a higher level of confront so the person is led from a simple reach to a full blown permeating of the target’s space with the highest level of caring communication possible.

The three withdrawing steps start with a simple effort to withdraws from the target and increases to a full disconnection from the target with no awareness of the target’s existence.

One of the major results from the completion of this process is that the person running the process becomes cause over their relationship with the target. The target can be a person, a spirit, an organization, a location, a feeling or a craving. There are other, more significant results from running this process and you are encouraged to discover them at your leisure.

Here are the commands in brief:

R1 – Reach for X, where X is any of the categories described earlier.

R2 – Reach for X, using caring communication.

R3 – Reach for X, using even more caring communication and permeate the space occupied by X.

Occupy X’s viewpoint.

W1 – Withdraw from X.

W2 – Withdraw from X and make sure all of your spiritual partners withdraw from X

W3 – Withdraw from X and make sure you and all of your partners are completely disconnected from X

Run the process until the person is at cause over the relationship.

Make sure the person knows he or she is expected to comment on whatever they notice when the process is being run. There will be a lot to notice, so if a person is running the process and not originating any observations, they may not be actually reaching and withdrawing.

In every session I have run, the person doing the process has grimaced and flinched and had physical reactions while reaching and has originated realizations while withdrawing. We did not handle entities unless the entity woke up and demanded we address their concern.

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