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Next Webinar – Reach And Withdraw On A Future Occurrence

Reach and withdraw seems to be abilities that are native to a spiritual being. I have been doing some research on this topic with the aid of some clients and students and it is not clear yet what the limits are to what this activity can do.

So far, I have run SRT reach and withdraw on client body problems, business partners, spouses, and spiritual beings with highly satisfactory results. In every case so far, the client has become cause over the relationship with the situation they wanted to handle.

The process is run with no particular emphasis on the spirits influencing the situation unless the spirits wake up and insert themselves into the process and insist on being addressed directly. The primary objective of the SRT reach and withdraw is to make the client more able and to increase his or her ability to manage unwanted influences, situations, and stuck flows.

The reach and withdraw process is complete when the stuck flow vanishes and open communication is restored.

All of the processes until recently were run on present time or past situations that have persisted into present time.

One student suggested running reach and withdraw on a future and I did some research that indicates that this can be done under certain conditions.

I set out to test my ability to run reach and withdraw on a future occurrence and found that this activity will bring up all of the physical universe and spiritual barriers to achieving that future occurrence. We discussed this in our 2-15-18 Thursday night workshop and came up with ideas on how to use that information to achieve a desired result.

If you would like to hear the audio recording of Thursday night’s workshop on this subject, send an email to srtcounseling@gmail and I will send you a link.

Since we have merely scratched the surface of this future-casting ability, we will make this the topic of our Sunday webinar, “Using SRT Reach and Withdraw to Achieve a Future Goal”

Use this link to join the webinar at 12 noon EST on Sunday 2-18-18: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

The webinar fee is $10 USD and you can pay using this PayPal Instant Link if you have not already paid: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

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