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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

No Workshop Tonight – Thursday 3-8-18

I will not be able to host a workshop tonight.

I have a backlog of urgent work and several of my websites have been compromised.

I have a homework assignment for you in the meantime and that is first to reach and withdraw on someone you know fairly well and have a good feeling about. When you do this, see if you can stay in present time as much as possible.

Continue until you feel really good about your ability to be this person. Take note of all of the new information you now have about this person and their plans for the future.

If you encounter any obstacles when reaching for this person, include the obstacle in your next reach and withdraw cycles until they are no longer an obstacle.

If you complete this first exercise with a win, congratulate yourself and run reach and withdraw on your spiritual companions to a win. We will be discussing this in the Sunday webinar because not all of you are using your spiritual companions effectively.

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