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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Maybe Its Time to Kick it Up A Notch

Congratulations to all of you who have learned to work with your spiritual companions and to use them as trusted advisors. You have reached a plateau that puts you head and shoulders above the people who struggle through life hoping desperately for a break.

I expect that you have achieved a certain degree of certainty that you can manage what life is throwing at you. Some of you may even be on a fast track to financial and family success.

However, you may be feeling a certain relaxed air when it comes to pushing your spiritual teammates to achieve new goals or or to create startling new realities in your life style. This can even show up as a certain boredom when it comes to handling stops on your life. Things aren’t great but you figure something will happen soon.

One of the reasons this happens is that you have picked off all of the obviously destructive beings in your environment and the rest are operating so closely to your natural emotional level that you do not see them as a problem or a hindrance.

You are your spiritual teammates have become a more homogeneous group as a result of your handling the outliers. You have a common comfort level and your current life reflects this as an acceptable reality. You get three meals a day, a warm place to sleep, a job of sorts, and some friends who agree with your view of life.

Setting up your own business empire, leading a campaign to change the world, or spreading joy in some way are just daydreams and do not stimulate you to action. Spreading wisdom, or happiness and reaping the rewards of a lifetime of service are way beyond consideration. You may not even be able to consider traveling the world to learn about people and things and making new friends.

You may even consider you have run out of things to do. If this is the case, perhaps you might want to consider changing the game and starting a new one with different rules and different goals.

I have developed some tailored processes to enable you to change the rules you live by. These SRT Expansion Processes have been tested and found successful on anyone who has received SRT processing. If you really want to change the way you live, you might want to contact me for more information.

David St Lawrence
Contact me at srtcounseling@gmail.com

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Do you have your reach and withdraw tech in one place so I can study R&W on an A to B basis.


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