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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

SRT Gives You The Tools To Handle Problems That Most Scientologists Can’t Touch

Scientologists and even Scientology OTs are not allowed to analyze and handle their case problems unless they have Case Supervisor instructions allowing them to do so.
As an SRT client or student you are equipped to recognize and handle a great number of case problems on your own without harming yourself in any way.
A client shared a story recently which illustrates the power and simplicity of SRT self processing:
“At a rehearsal for a show, someone did/said something that made me very angry.  I know I can get stuck in that reaction and it colors everything there on, and the show was opening in a few days.  So I was concerned that the fun I was having would be ruined.  Some anger was reasonable, but the intensity and depth of it, while not unfamiliar, felt perhaps beyond what the situation warranted.
On the drive home, I simply asked who was angry and talked to him and got that he was very angry at what had happened, but was really mostly pissed off because I wasn’t acknowledging that it was *his* anger. 
I have always considered it my anger, basically ignoring his “contribution” to the situation, his emotions in the situation.  Through our conversation I gave him full acknowledgment and ownership of the anger and before I got home, any obsessiveness about the situation was essentially gone.”
You will notice that this person did not do a formal full dress SRT session. He initiated a caring conversation with an upset being and resolved the spiritual distress in a caring and natural way.
This is what I expect of all students and clients after they have read the books and had a few sessions. If you are not there yet, let’s talk and see what help you need to be able to do this.
David St Lawrence
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