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Another Look At Spiritual Entity Influences on Your Life

When I talk about spiritual beings influencing our lives, I usually get immediate agreement from my listeners, but I have not been following up enough so that you all will really understand how significant this can be.

One example:

I was dining with a client in a family style restaurant where we share tables with strangers and we met a man who was very interested in our discussion about spirits. We spoke with him for about an hour and exchanged cards and he was going to join me the next day for my free spiritual workshop which I held on Thursdays. He said he had some experience with spirits and wanted to get his questions answered.

The next day he did not show up for the workshop and when I saw him he said he was on his way to the workshop when he was broad sided and his car was wrecked.

I realized instantly by the satisfied emotion from one of his beings that he had been saved from being exposed to my spiritual activity. The shock of the wreck had really put a stop to his investigation of my spiritual activity. We are still friends and I see him often in town, but there is now an emotional barrier against coming to my workshop because: spiritual workshop = car crash!

A second example:

I received a call from an old client that she needed some sessions and requested that I invoice her for a number of hours. I was really pleased to hear from her and sent her an invoice and arranged to take her in session as soon as she paid the invoice.

I did not hear from her for a few days and when I followed up, she had come down with the flu and her card would not work with PayPal. She had been able to work with PayPal previously, so that and the sudden illness let me know that one of her beings was not eager to have her start sessions.

My beings let me know that she has beings who are opposed to SRT sessions so we will run Reach and Withdraw and see if we can sort things out.

A third example:

Working with clients on attempts to achieve new goals has been a revelation. In every instance so far, there were multiple beings opposed to the changes that the new goals would bring. Some beings presented seemingly reasonable reasons to oppose the new goal, but most did everything possible to derail the activity. Some times the client would think that the negative thoughts were theirs when they had been positive just moments before. Watching the client change their minds as another personality took over was most enlightening. It takes very gentle handling to get the client to recognize that the negative thoughts might not be their own.


Second thoughts on a worthwhile project are usually from entities, especially if the thought is accompanied by negative emotions. It is worth your while to educate your spiritual partners and get them working in alignment with you.

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