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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology


We have been taught that truthfulness drops away as emotional tone levels drop away from joyous enthusiasm, but time after time we accept advice from people who are serious about our need for improvement.

Since you now know about our composite nature, what mix of tone levels will bring an enthusiastic desire to help down to serious admonishment that we need to do something to change our ways?

When you are advised by someone in a serious way, you are hearing from beings stuck in past painful events. They are not in present time and the advice you are getting is “seriously” outdated.

Whether the advice is about manners, dress, dating, or business, you are getting last century’s viewpoint and not advice based on the present environment.

It does not matter if the person advising you has a Phd or an MBA or is a highly decorated hero. If his tone level is lower than enthusiasm, you will do well to ignore his advice or avoid him entirely. His low-toned spiritual companions will manage to bring your tone level down before they are done.

We will review tone level information and what you can do to get good advice if you need it.

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