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Many of us get auditing to free ourselves from painful mental image pictures and that seems to be the end of our interest in mental image pictures.

We get our engrams handled or we look at mental image pictures in session and then we gratefully go back to “real” life where everything is solid and stable. We pack away our ability to see these mental image pictures until the next session.

This is such a waste of an ability that it deserves comment.

Identifying and dealing with mental image pictures is a critical element for successful auditing sessions, but that same ability can pay amazing dividends in “real” life.

If you are not taking advantage of this ability, I have some ideas for you to consider. First, read my earlier article on Discovering Mental Image Pictures if you haven’t already.

Mental image pictures are recordings that someone made and they have all sorts of interesting properties in addition to the few I are described here.

Pictures of pain, distress, terror, etc are to be found at the scene of every accident, murder, mayhem, etc. You may have noticed how upset you feel around certain locations where car crashes have occurred. This can be so disconcerting that you may have an accident in the same location.

Sometimes a newly purchased house will have a definite “chill” to it or a feeling that something is not right. Painting the walls may change to look of the place, but the house will still feel “creepy” until the mental image pictures are handled.

Some people carry large collections of really gross mental image pictures around with them. Sometimes these are so charged that even non-scientologists will say, “He has really strange flows!” Their gross mental image pictures are totally at odds with the serene and smiling expressions they wear.

Sometimes you will look at a person or a pet in distress and you will see a collection of mental image pictures located around some body part. If you have acquired some basic auditing skills, you may be able to help this person or pet with a quick assist or a total recovery.

Scientology is for use. It is definitely not a matter of collecting “merit badges” or “Certs”. If you have had auditing, you may be able to perceive the mental image pictures I have described, but you will just be a spectator. A little training and you start to be able to do something about the mental image pictures you see.

Think of these mental images as “tags” of mental energy attached to various locations and people. You don’t have to handle everything you see, only the ones you can deal with confidently.

In some cases, use these images as warning signs to avoid certain locations and people.

In other cases, you can use what you see to get in communication with the person  or area and help improve the situation.

As you get more able and better trained, you will get to the point where you may blow these pictures by inspection, even at a great distance. It’s all a matter of using what you learn in session and in your training.

A newly purchased home was elegant in all respects except that every room felt creepy and disgusting . The owner called us and asked if we could help. We spent several hours spotting mental image pictures of amazing debauchery that had been  performed by the previous owners. Once these pictures were spotted and blown, the house brightened up and was a pleasure to live in. The owner later later confirmed our findings with the neighbors who had observed the wild behavior for years.

Another million dollar home had been completed after many upsets with the contractors and the place just felt awful! It had a fantastically beautiful indoor pool which the children would not go near even though they were all swimmers.

The mental image pictures in this place were pretty gross. Contractor personnel had organized orgies at the jobsite and used the pool as a toilet to show their contempt of the owners.

Touring the house with the owner and describing the images caused a progressive lightening of the atmosphere in the house. By the end of the tour, the owner was able to spot disturbed areas on her own and helped with blowing the pictures. She was also taking responsibility for her part in the upset with the contractor.

The next day she called me and said that the children were all in the pool swimming and they had done it on their own.

I have been on a long distance phone call with someone when the person on the other end of the line spotted and blew something that was troubling me.

I have even seen a car that would not start and it had heavy mental image pictures attached to it. Once the pictures were handled, the car started and the engine run smoothly.

Over a period of some thirty-three years, I have lost count of the times that working with mental image pictures made it possible to solve real physical universe problems. Those who take the time to develop this ability will find that life is made easier in many ways.

It’s not magic, just standard scientology applied as it ought to be.

One more thing you will notice: When you are around other able people, you will find that they will put out mental image pictures for you to view. It really speeds up communication about concepts and new ideas.

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Maria  on December 15th, 2009

An amusing aspect of seeing pictures happened to me when I was raising my daughter. She had been acting kind of funny around me and I kept getting a picture of a cookie jar I had never seen before. I chatted with her a bit – she had been at a friends house – and after a bit she spit out that she had taken cookies from the neighbor while she was there. I asked her if the cookies were in a cookie jar and she described the cookie jar I had been seeing!

lunamoth  on December 17th, 2009

You’re so right! I’ve done this for years, but not to the degree I’d like to be able to!

My own awareness of mental image pictures was the result of Dianetic auditing and was improved by Scientology auditing (thank you for reminding me of that fact). It is really a very important ability for a being to re-gain, and is without a doubt a far superior form of communication than mere words.

The fact that pictures tend to hang around areas and objects is also important to know. I’ve often driven through sections of highway, intersections, etc., where I was bombarded with images of violent crashes, collisions and injury; being able to spot that the pictures are not my own has always helped me avoid becoming the effect of the terror and pain that accompanies these images of past incidents. If nothing else, it keeps them from compromising my driving thus increasing the risk of creating another accident.

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