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More Miscavige PhoneyGraphs

A friend of mine sent me a piece of Phoenix Idyllic Org promo this week.

As “proof” that an Idyllic Org in Phoenix is worthwhile, the promo piece included the above PhoneyGraphs.

What’s wrong with this picture? Let’s look at the outpoints one by one.

First, are graphs #2 and #3 for ONE Idyllic Org or for all Idyllic Orgs? If they’re for a single named Idyllic Org, what ‘s the name of the org?

Second, I know for a fact that L.A.’s Model Continental Idyllic Org filled up their Div 6 courseroom with OT3s, OT4s, OT5s, OT7s and OT8s doing book courses, just to pad things for the Grand Opening. So I suspect that the “Division 6 Course Completions” aren’t for Division 6ers. They’re for people who’ve been in Scientology since Methuselah who are purchasing their Basic Books and doing their Basic Book and Basic Book/Lecture courses in anticipation of not having to pay Flag or Freewinds accommodation rates for something they can do at home.

Third, I know for a fact that some Idyllic Orgs have become the Continental focal point for other-org and Mission trainees in their sectors.  So the stats have been padded with public from, in some cases, a thousand miles away.

Fourth, there’s no real stats. LRH says in HCO PL 31 January 1983 THE REASON FOR ORGS “The only reason orgs exist is to sell and deliver materials and service to the public and get in public to sell and deliver to.  The object is totally freed beings.” So, how many Grades Completions or Intensives Completed or Clears Made or Auditors Made (Academy Levels course completions) were made in this same hypothetical period for this same hypothetical org? What’s the Paid Comps in this same hypothetical period for this same hypothetical org? Size of the staff pay unit? Gross Income? Well Done Auditing Hours? You know, the stuff that measured production in Ron’s time?

Fifth, what’s a First Start into Scientology?  It’s not a First Service Start. That statistic is well defined and has been for decades. Just like Well Done Auditing Hours. So if they’re not using First Service Starts, what are they using? Note the critical omission in the “renamed” statistic. It doesn’t have the word “service” in it. As I’ve pointed out in other posts, this newly redefined stat doesn’t require a service. Or even an invoice. If a person comes in the door, wanders around the Div 6 video zone, and leaves, he can be counted as a First Start into Scientology. Yawn.

Sixth, technically, there should be NO “Ideal Org First Starts into Scientology” BEFORE the grand opening, right?  Unless the stat is getting fabricated somehow.

Seventh, where’s the GRAPHS for FIRST STARTS INTO SCIENTOLOGY? There’s three pieces of data presented, but only TWO are GRAPHS. By using the Miscavige PhoneyGraph technique, one cannot tell the period of TIME represented by said graph. As I put in my article Lies, Damned Lies, and Miscavige Statistics ( /?p=1232#more-1232.), omitting the time factor can make a graph look very different from what it is.

That makes it, at minimum, SEVEN outpoints in one 2.5” high section of a promo piece.

Now THAT’S an upstat!

Who do they think they’re kidding?

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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lunamoth  on March 13th, 2011

Plain Old Thetan, another incisive and hard-hitting article. I think your own stats are up:

“obvious intention to deceive and manipulate the public revealed,” and “number of demonstrable and damning lies found in mere inches of church promo”

I hope you’ll continue to post your insights here, and thanks to David for sharing his pulpit with you.


Centurion  on March 13th, 2011

I just returned from observing an org recently. Beautiful building. Posh, first class, aesthetic.



I have no doubt believing your invest is accurate. Thanks for a great job.

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