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Where are the people with OT abilities?

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I see this question being raised on different forums by disappointed scientologists or skeptical observers and would like to provide some answers from my personal experience.

These people with OT abilities are all around us actually, though most of the people who exhibit these abilities would not know what the term OT meant. (OT = Operating Thetan, a spiritual being who knows he is a spirit and can cause things to happen.)

You might almost want to use the term “spiritual powers” if you are not familiar with the scientology term and the gradations of meaning attached to it.

People with marvelous natural abilities come from all walks of life although many have developed their abilities through Scientology auditing and training.

These OT abilities don’t always fit into convenient Sci-Fi categories like levitation, mind control, telekinesis, etc. They cover a wide range of activities that people do in their daily lives and the rest of us wonder, “Why are things so easy for them?” Some people even have the ability to “glow things right” which is hard to categorize but can be seen in action quite frequently.

Some people have abilities to control other people and influence their lives, some people have an incredible ability to communicate with animals, some have the ability to “communicate” with machinery of all kinds and diagnose what is wrong with the machinery whether mechanical or electronic.

Many people can “see” mental image pictures left around by other people. Almost anyone in good shape can look into the past and discover things they have forgotten long ago, but some people can look forward into time and “see” events before they happen.

Quite a few people can see disembodied spirits and the mental image pictures they carry around with them. Some charitable individuals will visit graveyards and communicate with the beings that are hanging around waiting for god knows what. A few moments of conversation and many will zip off and find a new body. Others think you are trying to recruit them or tempt them or something.

Some people have elaborate  screens set up to detect incoming attention from others. Teen-aged girls are quite good at this. I was heading out to lunch with some of my staff members and pointed out an example of this for them to think about.

This girl was 60 feet away on the other side of a street and was walking away from us .  As our attention lit on her,  she wheeled around instantly and looked right at us. Since we were not the kind of people she wanted attention from, she made a face and walked off.

Some people have a talent for captivating others by projecting an aura of great emotional impact on cue. We were at a conference once and one of the people at our table was  a young professional woman who happened to be a lawyer. She was quite plain and very buttoned down until an eligible male walked by. Instantly, her hair began to float free like it was electrified and she radiated such strong sexual interest that it acted like a sci-fi tractor beam. The unwary male would turn and approach to bask in her admiration. When she was done examining him, the tractor beam would turn off and the hair would settle down to its original limp state.

Some people have abilities connected with making money or winning at gambling.  These particular abilities are highly unstable probably because you can easily commit overts (harmful acts) using these abilities.

Actually, the easiest way to damage or lessen an ability is to use it for some discreditable purpose. When you have to hide what you can do or have done you are already headed for the scrap heap.

I think that is why healing abilities seem to go on forever. If you can spot areas of injury or illness in someone and alleviate them by “communicating” with the afflicted area, you are helping and not intentionally causing harm. If you are healing someone to gain power over them or to harm them in some way, your abilities will drop off quite drastically.

Something to remember: If you use an ability to cause harm, you will probably lose it. (This does not apply to psychotics who do not consider that they are doing harm.)

In the distant past, scientology auditing uncovered and enhanced abilities of all kinds. Friday night graduations used to be sprinkled with examples of abilities regained and people would enjoy discussing abilities with close friends.

By the 1980s it seemed that sharing wins of this nature made staff feel uncomfortable and there was much less of it. Now that I have studied the disintegration of the CofS, it is understandable why OT abilities are not discussed. So few PCs and OT are experiencing them and staff is subjected to demeaning roles in an inimical  and often brutal work environment. OT abilities are a painful reminder of a distant past when things were much happier

In the brave new world of Independent Scientology, there must be continuing support and encouragement for exercise of OT abilities. Workshops would open doors for many who have their abilities on suppress.

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Dave Adams  on December 21st, 2009

Thank you for this. Abilities that don’t fit the paradigm of the five senses are frequently discounted by those who do not have them, or that don’t have the specific ability another has.

The typical simplistic arguement is, why dont you win the Randi prize, if it is real? Or why don’t you win the lotto? Something of that sort.

The problem with that is that abilities that are outside the common agreement, are to some extent a violation of that agreement, and a bit self limiting.

LRH defines the material universe, MEST, as the common agreement among us. It is in my opinion the co-incidence of all our personal universe, where they share the same characteristics. It is a subset of all that is possible.

So it would seem that there needs to be some overriding need to be able to violate it, some rise in necessity level that makes it ethical. Making Randi wrong is not that.

Knowing that it is possible, that others have the same abilities or similar, helps us all recognize and support them.

Again, thanks.

Tom  on December 22nd, 2009

For a little bit of historical context, the Sanskrit word is Siddhi.
(Siddhi – is a Sanskrit word that literally means “perfection”, “accomplishment”, “attainment”, or “success”. It is also used as a term for spiritual power (or psychic ability). The term is used in that sense in Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism. These spiritual powers supposedly vary from relatively simple forms of clairvoyance to being able to levitate, to be present at various different places simultaneously, to become as small as an atom, to materialize objects, to have access to memories from past lives, and more.”

There is an interesting article over here about them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siddhi

It is notable that in some of those traditions, the attainment of siddhis was viewed as a less than worthy goal, unless achieved as a by-product of greater spiritual perfection, or in activities that promoted selfless group dynamics.

In my experience with Scientology auditing (and even before), I have experienced many such states.
Another word from this tradition: Satori – Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for “enlightenment.” The word literally means “understanding.” “Satori” translates as a flash of sudden awareness, or individual enlightenment, and while satori is from the Zen Buddhist tradition, enlightenment can be simultaneously considered “the first step” or embarkation toward nirvana.

Scientologists call these “cognitions”. I do believe we can learn from these eastern communities how to better organize for spirtual gain and awareness, while also incorporating some of the astounding technical insights into spiritual phenomenon that LRH laid bare. There are many “satoris” on the road to total freedom. Enough for everyone.

P. Henry  on December 26th, 2009

Yes, people having what scientologists would refer to as “OTabilities” are more numerous than we might believe. But meeting these people who have these spiritual abilities it appears that they do not consider their ability as being anything out of the norm. Indeed, more often than not, they believe that everyone can do what they do. And when they discover that this is not the case it’s puzzling to them. I happen to know this first hand because I am one of those people I’m talking about.

Definitely, many more people are “up the pole” (higher levels of awareness and ability) than we might think. But, in many cases, they are up the pole with an absence of understanding. In other words, they know but they do not understand what they know. As well, it is not uncommon that they do not know what they know.

I grew up often times hearing the phrase; body, mind, soul. And, I continue to hear people speaking that phrase to this day. However, until I took my first course in Scn (the communication course) back in March of 78′, I had a very confused understanding of body, mind, soul and what relationship they had to one another. The body, of course was a no brainer. The mind to me, though, was the brain, which is obviously a part of the body. I just figured that the brain had been seperated out from the body to emphasize its power. And the soul…well, the soul was just something that I had that when I died I prayed the lord to keep (whatever the hell that meant!). I was very confused about the ‘soul’. What exactly is this thing the soul? That was my first question. My second question was, if the lord is hopefully going to take MY soul when ‘I’ died (considered to be a good thing) what was going to happen to ME? In fact, who is ME anyway? I have a body, I have a mind and I have a soul but who or what is “I” ?

Well, long story short, in the early stages of my taking the Communication Course at my local CoS Mission, I, after many hours of discussion and clearing up the meaning of numerous words, finally came to REALLY understand the phrase; body, mind and soul including the mechanics and relationship between the three. And it was in coming to this understanding that opened the door for me to begin regaining my spiritual powers (my OT abilities) and understanding the ones I had. I began to gradually come to know what I already knew but did not know that I knew it.

While I have always achieved marked gains through being audited, my most remarkable gains have come from reading Ron Hubbard’s books and listening to his lectures. I attribute this circumstance to the fact that by reading the books and listening to the lectures, I came to learn and understand how the gameboard of life and universe was set up and how it operated. And once I reached a certain point of understanding in regards to the mechanics of the universe of life and other universes, I could see that there was truth all over the place and in some of the most unlikely of places. And when you recognize truth and understand…well, those spiritual powers that are inherent to each and every being, begin to once again activate. But, as the Old Auditor pointed out in his essay, “If you use an ability to cause harm you will probably lose it.” – so true.

There comes a point too, when one who has set foot on this journey to self-awarness and realization, that it becomes incredibly clear that “the pole” is not finite. There is so much more to know and understand. And I must say, I truly love this journey that I am on and I am very much indebted to the being that we know as L. Ron Hubbard. The pole was always there to be climbed but the necessary tools needed to successfully climb the pole to unbelievable heights were not. Until I happened to come across this guy, Ron Hubbard, I didn’t even know I was on the pole or that I was attempting to climb the pole I didn’t know existed or that I really needed some tools to climb it. LOL! It makes me laugh.

I have yet to meet a person that wasn’t somewhere on the pole. But it saddens me that so many people seem to be content, even hell-bent, with sliding down it rather than trying to climb it.

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