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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Who Are The Squirrels? – by Silvia Kusada

It all started with a beautiful idea to help,

to have a better world, to have happier people.

The idea was genuine, the intention clean…

at least for some.

I guess to many of us that was what Scientology meant at the very beginning.

We felt we could be free to be ourselves, to have our own ideas,

we enjoyed the dream of a society where honest people have rights

and where we could finally deal with truth.

That dream has nothing to do with what scientology is today.

Scientology today does not even deserve

to be written with a capital S…

The original philosophy has been perverted by people who know best…

by others that have seen in this movement a way to enslave

and a very profitable activity.

This will happen in the independent field as well if it is not already happening.

Today we are left with nothing more than Reversed $cientology also called

“The Incorporated Church of $cientology”.

A business activity dealing with lies, with enslavement and psychological violence.

A groups who abuses justice and protects criminals.


I get pretty puzzled when I hear people calling each other Squirrels

Who are really the squirrels?

Let’s look at the original definitions: from LRH’s Tech Dictionary;


1. A squirrel is doing something entirely different.

He doesn’t understand any of the principles so he makes up a bunch of them

to fulfill his ignorance and voices them off on a pc and gets no place. (SH Spec 77, 6111C08)

2. Those who engage in actions altering Scn, and off beat practices.

(ISE,p.40) -v. to change and invent processes. (HCOB 23 May 69)


1. It means altering Scn and offbeat practices. It is a bad thing. (HCO PL 14 Feb 65)

2. Squirrelling is not really different processes, it is careless,

incomplete, messed up auditing procedure. (HCOB 15 Jan 70 11)’

I added the bold to the text above I would like you to put attention on.

A Squirrel is somebody who violates the very basics human rights of men.

That is a violation of the basics tenets of the original Scientology.

A Squirrel is somebody that sees something wrong but

does not do anything about it.

A Squirrel is somebody that forwards lies, creates antagonisms,

works for money or for status, promotes overtly or covertly disconnections,

who separates as opposed to unites .

A squirrel is one also who calls others squirrels,

and purposly lessens Affinity, Agreements and Communications

amongst people, groups or nations….
All the above are violations of the fundamentals and therefore are squirrel activities,

no matter how you wish to justify them.


A Squirrel to me is someone who in or out the Church continues to specialize

on stopping people from getting better and/or from receiving auditing when he/she wishes.

This include making auditing difficult to get and entering arbitrary rules.

You will seldom hear a true Scientologist

(very rare to find)  calling another a squirrel.

He has mastered one of the basic tenets and abilities: to grant others beingness.

He works looking at stats on long terms goals.

He does not catch the ball to destroy another auditor using one of his complaining pcs.

We all had bad sessions, every single one of us auditors, and that does not make us bad auditors.


There are a lot of good people around, but there are also a lot of scared individuals,

insecure untrained people who think they know best

and what they know best about is how to 3rd party others.


I’m not part of the Ron’s org, but I have read conferences from Captain Bill R,

and I have to say that they give you a much deeper and broader understanding

of the NOT’s tech and of how an OT should operate.

I wish I would have read it before, on my OT6 inside the creepy church.

Captain Bill does not take anything away from LRH,

he does not imply he has discovered things that he didn’t.

In a brilliant way he just goes over the basics

bringing you to a great understanding while validating you as an OT.


It is so easy to accuse others…

People are so desperate and scared, that they found it easier to believe my ex

rather than face an unpalatable truth: there is something really wrong with their Church.

Believing my ex’s black campaigning and lies  solved their problem

on why a New OT7, highly trained good person could have left.

A dear friend of mine told me:

‘Silvia, if they black PRed and slandered you to this effect

considering that you are ‘nobody’….

Imagine what they could have done to a person of the magnitude of David Mayo.

1969 David Mayo while on his Class VIII Course


Can you image the lies? the threats? The Black PR?”

No limit to that… for the several of us that have been hit hard by the Church of $, that is a fact.

So, the Church of $ protects Criminals…

That is “$cientology incorporated” and unfortunately is  what $cientology today represents.

That said. I’m not a $cientologist.

I do not want to have anything to do with that criminal activity

or with anyone that is forwarding campaigns of hate, 3rd party and antagonism into the field.

Hates, lies, threats, discrimination, low ARC…

preventing people from auditing and/or flourishing and prospering

in the name of Standard Tech.

All that is what a squirrel is specializes in.


It is ridiculous to call people squirrel because they do not follow the tech

as we think we understand it or as we want it.

Remember, we are all squirrels to the ‘Squirrel-Incorporated-Church-of-$cientology’

(The donkey tell the cow: ‘You are a jack-ass’)

And the rest….

The tech as in the bulletins has been altered and altered since tens of years.

It is so easy to call others squirrels.

I guess the good results are my measurement.

A true bridge to others.

Good stats, where with good stats we mean steps toward a saner society,

freedom of speech and choice, respect for others, justice and TRUTH,

are my way to judge if an activity or people are squirrel or not.

It is all part of the fundamentals, and the basics are concepts, not words.

–Written by Silvia Kusada

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Marta  on April 24th, 2011

“That said. I’m not a $cientologist.
I do not want to have anything to do with that criminal activity
or with anyone that is forwarding campaigns of hate, ”

Bravo, Silvia. Bravo! Keep calling it like you see it. I think there are many who feel the same way. I am no longer a scientologist. It seems the culture, in practice, includes a fundamental unwillingness to change and grow – ironically. Pfffffftht!

OldAuditor  on April 24th, 2011

Synchronicity in the independent field is an unfortunate fact of life but it creates interesting randomity.

I had just completed several days preparing a similar article when Silvia published this one on her website. Her article is much more moving than mine and deserves to be widely disseminated so it appears here with our complete support.

The disintegration of the cult of $cientology has released thousands of practitioners from suppressive agreements and will enable them to practice spiritual healing once they get their feet on the ground and realize that they are free.

Only a handful of practitioners have realized that the cult is truly dead and have pitched in to help the refugees from DM’s death march to oblivion. For these practitioners to assail each other for imagined deviations from the dogma of KSW is outright insanity.

Those of us who are delivering help to the needy have more work than we can handle. Read our success stories and judge for yourselves whether you or your loved ones need our help.

It would be a poor independent practitioner who hounds his prospects for money or tries to convince them that there is only one way to achieve spiritual freedom.

There is so much spiritual technology that is not on the current “COS Bridge to Serfdom” that the wise practitioner can always find a tested and workable technology to match a clients need,

Workable technology is what is needed in the 21st Century, not ritual and dogma.

Those who still wish to channel the Sea Org version of $cientology should have remained in the “ONE TRUE CHURCH OF MISCAVIGE” where Command Intention means something.

Out here, we will think for ourselves and you are welcome to do likewise. We prefer to use technology that works. Your version of what works may differ. Show us your success stories and we can learn from each other.

We have thousands of people who have been harmed by $cientology. Pitch in and help them achieve the goals they originally sought in the broken church. If you cannot help, please stand out of the way of those who are helping.

Freedom Fighter  on April 24th, 2011

Bravo indeed!!Silvia, I couldn’t agree with you more. Thank you for making this statement.

lunamoth  on April 24th, 2011

Well said, Sylvia. I agree, and I admire what you and Old Auditor are doing.


OldAuditor  on April 25th, 2011

If you would like to see what David Mayo accomplished with his Advanced Ability Center in Santa Barbara you might enjoy this 1984 video by Shiona Fox-Ness.

Loyalfriends  on April 27th, 2011

Well said Sylvia. I agree to with you and your vision of facts. I think that discriminatory attitudes are to be condemned strongly. There should be ashamed to consider themselves Scientologists and give its support to an application so short-sighted of Ron’s tech. I admire you and greet you cordially.

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