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OT abilities expand in a high ARC environment – part 1

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When I was on Ft Lauderdale Mission lines back in the late Seventies, we newcomers were absolutely fascinated by the OT abilities that various staff members exhibited. We could not wait until we were far enough up the Bridge to do the cool things that staff did every day.

They weren’t showing off. We could see these abilities in action every day in the course room and while drilling TRs. We knew that staff could see our pictures and read our thoughts because of the skillful way they handled us and our confusions.

I would be reading something on an intro course and not making progress and the course sup would come over and see the hot spot on the page and ask me to define the word. It didn’t take long to realize that these people really had a level of awareness that I wanted.

Getting bullbaited by a staff member was like an auditing session for some. Watching this process was an education in how a trained person with OT abilities can help someone get rid of unwanted reactions and increase confront with almost no effort and a lot of charge released.

You see a bullbait done with high ARC and perfect control and you will see sheets of charge coming off the person being bullbaited. I have seen many examples of significant case change after a well done bullbait session.

Some students mocked up protective screens to help them confront others while drilling TRs. A skilled coach would simply move in on the student until the screen started to push back on them. The coach would do this until the student unmocked the screen or more usually, moved it back closer to their face. After enough repetitions of this “screen poking” the student would realize that he was actually controlling a force field of sorts and would break out laughing.

When our ED got upset, the mission lights would flicker rapidly. I saw this happen when a visitor attempted to disrupt the course room. The lights stopped flickering when the visitor was ejected from the mission.

When the OT III Ethics officer got excited, things started flying around the room. I once asked him a question which stopped him cold and the ashes in his ash tray took off vertically like a tiny rocket while we stared at each other in amazement.

We were a fun loving group and often attended parties on weekends with the staff. We could tell that the staff really cared for us and we admired them immensely.

We had several good years of this and I went Clear at this mission so I moved on up to Miami Org where I decided to train up and become an auditor.

I was happy on the knowledge that I had found a spiritual technology that was transforming my life and was allowing me to create a bright new future. At that time we were using the tech and policies LRH had developed in the Fifties and Sixties.

I did not know how fortunate we were to be isolated from the Ethics insanity that was spreading out from the Apollo and would eventually lay waste to the mission that had pulled me out of my dwindling spiral.

I am sure if I knew then that children were being locked in the chain locker of the Apollo for several days on Ron’s orders, it would have changed my view of the man and all that he stood for. As it was, I remained ignorant of Ron’s decline and the growing corruption in high places and I continued training and auditing my way up the Bridge, even as it was beimg unmocked by church executives.

Looking back, I realized that one of my abilities is to be in the right place at the right time. The church was gradually turning into a cult but I was able to find sane terminals and make my way up the Bridge unscathed. I am eternally grateful to those staff members who helped me change my life. Almost all are gone now,  many were declared and some are dead, but I am resolved to carry on the tradition of service that they established.

I want others to develop their OT abilities and feel free to use them. I think we are in the right place and time to finally make  this happen.

I have absolute reality that the tech works miracles when applied with ARC and am certain that we will strip off the additives to Tech and Policy as Independent Scientology continues to grow.

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lunamoth  on January 6th, 2010

You describe it just as I remember it, too, when I first got in, late 70′s. I feel so fortunate to have that reality on the tech, otherwise I would think the stuff being foisted off now onto newer public was all there was to Scientology.

I believe, also, that on a reactive (certainly not analytical) level DM wants everyone who does remember that the tech was once powerful, that OT abilities are real, and that the game was once light and fun, to be gone. The number of declares of all the best, most highly trained people is not a coincidence.

What an beautiful thing to contemplate, the return of that game!

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