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OT abilities expand in a High ARC environment – part 2

A high ARC environment is one in which there is a lot of affinity between the group members, many shared realities, and communication is open and unforced.  This kind of environment encourages experimentation, especially in terms of developing psychic skills and handling mental image pictures.

When you can freely discuss your abilities with others, there is a natural tendency to compare observations and discover that you can pick up skills by watching others at work.

These informal discussions would hardly qualify as workshops, but the result was that you quickly got to know who could do what and learned how to pick up the skills you were interested in.

One of the best ways I know to acquire OT abilities is to hang around those who have such abilities and are using them freely.

The first org I attended after I left the mission had a number of people with wild OT talents.

We had people who could sell anything because they had the ability to communicate convincingly and could easily persuade people to invest in their ideas or take their recommendations. Some of these people went on to be dynamite FSMs and others became high rolling con men.

We had many individuals develop interesting abilities on the second dynamic. Sex and the creating of sexual relationships is probably one of the most suppressed areas in a person’s existence. A little auditing can blow the stops  on a lifetime of must-nots and should-nots and overnight a seriously shy person becomes a femme fatale or super stud.

Others could heal with a touch and could make your entire day with a right indication.

We had others who could talk to plants and make them thrive. It was here that I first learned that suppressive personalities can make healthy plants sicken and die. It made perfect sense when I heard it because uptone people encourage other living things to live and flourish. Suppressive people put out toxic flows wherever they are.

The main point I want to make is that there were people developing new abilities almost every week and this would change their relationship to their environment. If the person did not get trained to apply ethics to their lives, these new abilities often got them into lots of trouble.

It takes ethics training to realize that just because you can get others to give you money or sex for the asking, that still may be a destructive act and will rebound on you with serious consequences.

Some people regained awesome abilities and feeling like supermen, they refused to accept ethics handlings. It felt so right to be able to do the sex or money magic and they felt denying it would cause them to lose their abilities.

The ones that did not get handled blew off the lines and went their merry ways. Sometimes they could carry on for several years but most crashed and burned or got in trouble with the law in a short time.

It was a tribute to the execs and to the ethics terminals of that org that they were able to keep most of these OTs from harming themselves or others.

At one time there were many  places in  Scientology where this was the rule, not the exception. OTs were flourishing and growing in ability every week. In the Seventies, missions offered the environments with the highest degree of ARC.

Orgs seemed to be more organized and businesslike, but there was still far more ARC in the orgs than in the outside world.

By the early Eighties, orgs were heavily into enforced and inhibited communication and only a few staff members exhibited the kind of ARC that I had seen everywhere in the Seventies. The missions I visited were not particularly uptone either. They seemed to just be scraping by on the efforts of a few cheerful staff members.

The fun had definitely gone out of Scientology and OT abilities were not something that was talked about openly.

When I first landed in the LA area in the early Eighties, my OT Scientology host listened to me discussing abilities one night and reproached me tactfully, “We don’t like to discuss case here.”

It was a rude wakeup call for me. I had arrived in the dismal world of pretend OTs….

However, I did find a band of adventurous new people who would develop and use OT abilities for all sorts of purposes. I will cover them in part 3.


P. Henry  on January 7th, 2010

Old Auditor, another wonderful article! You just keep churning them out. :)

In reading your article I was instantly in possession of numerous memories of times of OT abilities being displayed and people (not officially OT) having various abilities rekindled.

I recall one Friday night graduation in particular at the Portland Mission. This was sometime in 1980 or thereabouts and graduations were still an event that you did not want to miss as they were so uptone and there was always a special guest speaker giving an inspiring talk on some aspect of Scn. On this particular night the guest speaker was a fellow by the name of Steve Vollum. Steve was OTVII.

Steve didn’t waste anytime telling some riveting OT stories. He told us how he, while it was raining, would stop the rain from falling on his property so that he could mow his lawn. He told us about having a business lunch with a person down in LA one time and as they were eating their lunch he looked into this guys space and saw this deceptive agenda he had planned for Steve. Once he spotted this he excused himself and told the guy he could not continue the meeting.

After telling us a few more stories he gave us a real surprise. He informed us that we each had OT abilities and that we didn’t need to wait to begin using them. He told us that we just needed to acknowledge that we did have them and to causeatively start working them. He compared it to starting to exercise after having not exercised in a very long while. In other words, begin slow and build upwards from there. But, having said this, he did give us a caveat. He said that we had to be fully responsible for what we did.

He next did a few drills with us. Had us go into the bowels of Mt. Saint Helens and look around then sent us to the Empire State Building and brought us back. Then he shared a special “trick” that he used to ensure the fast lane was open on the freeway. He asked us if we had ever been on the freeway when someone would be driving slow in the fast lane but would not pull over and let us by. Sure, we had all had that experience. Well, he said, don’t try to intend him to pull over because he’ll just go into defense and oppose you. Instead, he told us, take a pressor beam and push his car over and when his car is about halfway over into the other lane let off the beam. He mentioned that when we did this that we could see the care bobble a bit. The other driver, though, is now in a car that has begun to move over into the other lane and if he steers it back into the fast lane he will be making himself wrong (can’t have that). Therefore, to be right, he completes the cycle his car has already started and steers his car over into the other lane. Of course, as soon I had an opportunity to give this a try I did. And, it worked just like he said. What a handy tool!

There’s more stories. Perhaps I’ll return and share another one or two.

lunamoth  on January 7th, 2010

This is true, Old Auditor, about certain OT individuals becoming “known” for being able to
do certain things. And also true that those things are no longer dreamed of and attained by the Scientologists I know.(By the way, since when did an OT ability become “case.” What a degrade!)

There is such a universal human appetite for those abilities;just look at the huge popularity of superheroes in our culture. While Batman and Superman may be rather exaggerated and colorful personifications of our innate longing, have you noticed the recent popularity of characters with super-human abilities – they’re cropping up all over the place,in movies, television, literature. These abilities, as portrayed in fiction, seem completely beyond possibility to the “realists” among us now. But while I have never seen an OT, current or 80’s vintage, run up the side of a skyscraper, or heal their own wounds within seconds, I know that every goal is reached by taking one step, then another…If a technology exists that can make possible abilities we had previously thought impossible, isn’t that something amazing? Doesn’t that beg the question, is anything REALLY impossible?

One of my favorite quotes is from Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I have always thought this was a perfect description of true scientology tech.

lunamoth  on January 8th, 2010

P. Henry, you big tease! Please tell another one!

Thought provoking  on January 9th, 2010

Like many of your posts, this one instantly had me racing down the track to times where my own OT abilities shone through.

I completely agree with your point on ARC in the environment in relationship to OT abilities. I too remember when talking about one’s abilities was common place. It was at that same time that I frequently engaged in various exercises. After all, I was a thetan so just exactly what could a thetan do. I could create money, change weather, extend anchorpoints and even direct traffic. There was so much agreement in my environment that everyone had these abilities that I never questioned them. A lot of it had to do with having the concept of a postulate. As I became more familiar with them I gained a better ability to judge which ones were ethical and which ones were not. Self discipline kicked in on the ones that tended to be more harmful.

As the group became more solid, the routine abilities lessened. I hadn’t made the direct connection before but it totally fits with the Science of Survival data I’ve read. When the suppression was lifted, the abilites naturally started to occur again.

Great post!

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